My Love for Engagement Sessions


Engagement sessions are my favorite! There, I said it! Whooo! They really and sincerely are so much fun and so relaxing and just all-around awesome!!! I highly, highly recommend to every couple that I book that they have an engagement session! If you’re out of town, and you feel like there is no way you can fit in an engagement session, let’s a least talk about it! :D  Let’s take 2 hours the week of your wedding and just hang out and take pictures. You don’t need to get all jazzed up; it can be a fun, laid back session that also serves as a nice break from all the crazy-week-of, last minute details and also allows you and your love to spend some fun, “un-wedding” time together…leave the tool and ribbon at home! :) 

I know a lot of grooms (and even brides) don’t see the benefit of doing an engagement session. This just absolutely breaks my heart! Let me tell you firsthand how beneficial engagement sessions are. Robby and I had an awesome engagement session. Now, it wasn’t with our wedding day photographer, but still being in front of the camera made us learn a lot!! Here are some things that you might not have thought about!

1.      I have never (and I say never) had a bride or groom say they regretted doing the engagement session. They are! Not only do you get to hang out with me for 2 hours (just kidding) but you also get to hang out with your love! There are no expectations, no rules, no limits!! It’s just you guys having fun! Who could ask for anything more?

2.      It allows for me to get to know you even more for the big day! It lets me learn what makes you comfortable and uncomfortable and allows for you to better understand me and how I work. Plus, when I tell you on the wedding day, “Oh, remember that pose we did at the engagement session that you totally rocked,” you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Or if I say, “Oh James, remember that cute little thing you told Ashley that made her feel absolutely stunning…tell her something else”, you won’t feel silly. It sounds corny but we will have a connection on the wedding day! This in turn makes wedding day pictures go SO much more smoothly!

3.      You can use the engagement pictures FOR the wedding day! Need an announcement for the paper? Want to send out photo Save-The-Dates or Thank You cards? Want to have a photo guest book? There are so many fun things you can do with your engagement photos that make your wedding day even more unique.

4.      If you are able to do an engagement session…and it doesn’t frighten you ;), it is a fantastic time to do a trial run of your makeup! Having your makeup done will not only make you feel insanely beautiful, but it will LAST through the engagement session. No raccoon eyes in the middle of July or barely there lips in chilly November!

My amazing December bride, Keely, was insanely sweet and wrote a little something something about her engagement session:
"Our session for our engagement pictures was AMAZING with Kayla! Scott sometimes gets tired of having his picture taken, so I was initially concerned with how long his smile would last, but Kayla kept us laughing the entire session so he had a great, natural smile throughout all of the pictures! We also felt completely comfortable with Kayla. We took our pictures outside near the Grist Mill at Norris Dam, and Kayla took us around to multiple spots and just observed us how we are. She got great shots that did not look posed at all. Needless to say, the pictures turning out wonderful and the quality was so great we printed them on magnets to send out for our save the dates. Can't wait to see how our wedding day pictures turn out!!" - Keely

And because I absolutely LOVE my engagement pictures, I thought I would share one that shows just how much fun we really did have! :D
So if you are a future or current bride, please definitely consider an engagement session! Its a great time for you and your love to spend some time together just having fun, and in the'll have some amazing pictures! :)
Kayla F

Little Miss Aidyn


Its crazy to think that I took Aidyn's newborn pics 1 year ago!!! Its amazing how time flies AND how I'm able to see these adorable kiddos grow up through my camera! I love taking pictures at places that mean something to the family, and we took these photos at Aidyn's aunt's house! She's absolutely ADORABLE in that straw hat and with her big ole' pink elephant! 

My absolute FAVORITE shot from this session! I can't get enough of it!

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