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Wow! I can’t believe that May 4th is right around the corner!!! Planning a wedding, having a full time job and growing my photography business has just eaten up my time, but I wanted to continue with the planning the big day series! I’ve had many people ask me when my next post will be, so I’ll be making a solid effort to blog once a week on our big day!

In my last planning the big day post, we showcased our amazing venue! Rob and I just absolutely fell in love with Maple Grove Inn and knew that we had to have our wedding here. It had everything we wanted and SO much more!!!

Since we got engaged {almost} two years ago, we wanted to send out Save-the-Dates to our friends and family that we 100% knew we wanted to invite to the wedding so they could mark their calendars. Having a wedding in early May means little kiddos are still in school and families are starting to begin {or already have begun} planning their vacations. So we knew we wanted to get a jump on them!

In looking at Save-the-Dates, there is an abundant amount of inspiration and incredibly talented designers out and about!!! {See a list at the bottom of this post for some vendors}. Would we go with a photo for the save-the-date? A magnet? A viewfinder {trust me, they make them}? Or stay simple and showcase the amazing venue that we are getting married at?? Well, you guessed it! I actually had my mind set on a photo save-the-date. I mean, I am a photographer and all. But after meeting with one of my brides Katie, and seeing her save-the-date, I instantly knew that I wanted to have a drawn representation of our venue! 

The Save-the-Date that started it all. {the link to this vendor is at the bottom of this post}

Now, you all have probably seen me gush about Kate with Kate Moore Creative! She designed my photography logo and I've had a love fest with her work for a few years now {she's genius, let me just say}! So off I went to send an email to Kate. Here is a verbatum excerpt of what I sent her, "We absolutely LOVE our venue (Maple Grove Inn) and would love to have a sketch done of it for the save-the-dates."  When she replied back with "Ummmm YESSSS! yay! i would adore doing something for you guys. Your style is so awesome and I am in love with the idea of a sketch of the maple grove inn. so different and adorable." I knew we were a match made in Heaven {as if I didn't already know this...psh}.  So a few emails back and forth and I sent her this image! :D

Let me just say, when I got the proof back for our save-the-date, I literally sat there and stared at it for probably a good 5-7 minutes. I was in aww! It was EXACTLY what I wanted! She nailed it. Literally. I couldn't have even thought that it would be this awesome! She even did a handdrawn  picture of Maple Grove Inn! I loved every single little big of it! Now the only conundrum I had was what color did we want it in???

We chose lavender {did you expect me to choose something else} and then decided that we wanted to STAMP them! Oh yea! We bought this amazing super thick cotton paper from Holyoke Papers,  our envelopes from Paper Source, and our stamps from Clancy Stamping Co. {local}. And off we starting stamping!!! 

{so I'm a loser and only documented our envelope process, sad day}

You'll see the FINAL product in our wedding day pictures!! I hope you loved seeing the process that we went through and how you can make a save-the-date unique and tie in with your wedding theme!!! :D
Kayla F

the clan | Olivia


I was thrilled to meet up with Olivia and Jessica for their super cute and fun session!! Its February, cold, dreary and oh so windy, but hey, that doesn't mean that you can't have a crazy awesome session! Little Miss Olivia was what I needed in this down time! She was soooo insanely cute and fun and just so bubbly!! Her mom told me that the last time they had pictures taken, Olivia just sat their and gave a scoul the whole time! Well, that definitely didn't happen during out session! She was ready and WILLING to have her picture taken! We headed out to UT Arboretum for some fun! Luckily, this day was one of our few and far between sunny days! I think it actually got up to 57 degrees that day! :D Another photographer had shared with me a spot at the arboretum that I hadn't ever shot at before, so I knew that I would want to take Olivia there! Man! Am I so happy I did!!!! 

 We decided to pick wheat and help with! All Olivia's words! She's such a smarty!

 I can't get over this picture! I just love it!!!!

 She had just so much spunk! The wheat in her hair was totally her idea!
  We decided to end this super awesome session in one of my favorite areas of the park! I just let Olivia do her thing! She was seriously the cutest!
 I had such a blast with Olivia, Jessica and Eva! You guys were SO much fun and just what I needed!!
Kayla F

the client gift | a little thank you


Today's post is a small one, but a BIG one in my heart!!! Clients give me SO much!!! They give me my  PASSION! They allow me to take something that brings me crazy amounts of joy, endless amounts of creativity and most of all, MOTIVATION that makes me work harder to make this thing I love a dream and my job!!! So what can I do for them?!? Other than deliver a service, which hopefully includes amazing email response, funny little antics at sessions, and giggles along the way, along with photos that are cherished for a lifetime, I hope to create amazing friendships with my clients! So my present to my 2013 clients is just this! 

Something that will represent their new life TOGETHER!!! I've worked closely with Kate Moore Creative to create this stamp in hopes that it not only captures a new life, but also captures true love, friendship and the undeniable feeling that I have for clients. (All of this in an address stamp?? Really?, Apease me, please!)  I want to evoke a feeling of completeness and finality with this pretty awesome address stamp. :D

I hope you love my 2013 client gifts as much as I do...heck, they may still be my 2020 client gifts!!!

 "Life without Love is no Life at all" My favorite quote from my favorite movie, Ever After.
 Love these amazing stamps!!! Designed by Kate Moore Creative and made by Clancy Service Stamp Co. *shop local
Kayla F
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