Tellico Village Yacht Club Wedding | Molly & Zach


This wedding. Its been one year since I shot this incredible fall wedding at Tellico Village Yacht Club on the Little Tennessee River and these two amazing souls became husband and wife. This wedding has stuck with me for the last year. There have been times in my photography career when certain clients, certain weddings, certain days just stick with me a little bit more. This is for sure one.

Molly and Zach were a unique couple for me. I had never met them before their rehearsal dinner. Crazy! Totally not my normal cup of tea, but Angie Froemel of Absolute Wedding Perfection was their day of coordinator and when Angie is on am I! ;) Molly and I totally hit it off over our phone call and I knew we'd be the perfect fit! Two cross country moves (she and Zach moved from Austin to Atlanta and I moved from Knoxville to San Francisco) added some extra adventures to our schedules but everything was set and I couldn't wait to head back home to East Tennessee for their wedding. I was SO nervous for this wedding. Sure, I always have little butterflies before a wedding; its exciting, there's pressure and I want this to be my clients' best day ever! But for Molly & Zach...I had dragons in my tummy...not butterflies. I arrived on the wedding day to a little bit of a stressful morning. Let me be the first (really, no, not the first, but let me add to the list) that wedding days are not rosey, sunshine filled, on-time days. They are crazy, hectic, smeared makeup, lost boutineers, missing groomsmen, etc. They are crazy...but come one...that's what makes them pretty spectacular and memorable! Molly & Zach's day was actually going very smoothly...there was just something different in the air that I couldn't put my finger on. Details were photographed, and I had some spare time so I went to photograph Zach. Zach is quiet, I am not...and I think he has a striking resemblance to Tom Hanks although that was disputed. ;) I remember walking back to the bridal suite and saying to Brandi (my second shooter) "Oh no. He hates me. We totally don't click. My dragons just started breathing fire in my tummy." I was terrified...its no lie. But I needed to suck it up and continue with the day. I'd work on Zach, I told myself. I ran back upstairs and began to photograph Molly putting on her finishing touches. At one point, Molly had a very serious expression and she seemed like a thousand miles away. I pulled my camera away from my face and said, "Molly,  you're getting married today." That's it. The day completely changed. I've never seen light come out of someone like that before.

Once we were ready for the first look, the day was set. Even when the day turned a little brisk and windy, I simply had Zach wrap up Molly to keep her warm and those may be some of my all time favorite images. The feeling that was missing in the day, the air that didn't feel quite right, all came together once Molly and Zach had their first look and I've never been a part of a more magical wedding day! 

Ps., after reading Zach's first look impression, I realized it wasn't me. Whew!

Let me also state that Molly has incredible style! Her Nicole Miller dress is probably one of my favorite to date. Coupled with her personalized jewelry and Kate Spade bracelets this girl just oozed style. I remember styling her details and thinking to myself, the black, gold, cream, and white just screams Chanel. It kinda made Molly giggle when I told her, but it was so classy and elegant.

 See what I mean...glowing!

Such a sweet Father/Daughter first look! There was not a dry eye in the room.

 To read about why this First Look was so special, please go check out Molly & Zach's section of my First Look Series. And see what I mean about Tom Just handsome!

My second shooter Brandi Major absolutely was amazing! She captured some dreamy and beautiful photos that are some of my favorites!

Molly and her father, Mark's, dance was incredibly emotional! Mark sang to Molly as they danced and I was behind the camera just wiping tears away so I could attempt to see what I was doing. I remember Molly's maid-of-honor saying during her speech that Molly's best friend was in fact her mother, so it was only fitting that Mom joined Dad and daughter out on the floor for a moment together.

Then Zach pulled his mama out on the floor for a very fun and vivacious number! I just LOVE how they captured their personalities and relationship in their dances!!!

This adorable little group of ladies in their sweaters crashers! I just died when I saw them creeping down the stairs from dinner upstairs at the club and casually strolling out onto the dance floor! They had a fun little dance that they said "Made their night!" Loved it!

Molly and Zach, I know the first year of your marriage has been magical, and I hope that the next 60 are even more so! Thank you two for trusting me to capture your special day! :D
Kayla F

Reception Venue, Caterer, Bar: Tellico Village Yacht Club
Wedding Coordinator: Angie Froemel, Absolute Wedding Perfection
Makeup: Suzanne Clayton Makeup Artist
Dress: Nicole Miller from Unbridaled in Austin, TX
Garter: Southern Ever After (Etsy)
Invitations: Paper Source
Save the Dates: CardCandy by Reginald Whicker (Etsy)
Bridesmaid Dresses: Vera Wang for David's Bridal
Bridesmaid Sashes: Lovelikestyle (Etsy)
Groom & Groomsmen Suites: Vera Wang for Men's Warehouse
Guest Book Poster Tree: HarveyGrey (Etsy)
Bridesmaid/Bride Robes: JustCottons (Etsy) 
Table Numbers: ilLUMIEnate (Etsy)
Wedding Programs: Simply Modern Design (Etsy)
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