Golden Gate Club & Inn at the Presidio Wedding | Kari & Yoni Married


When you meet in New York and you pull out all the stops to have your first few dates here in San Francisco, you know that this love will journey together forever! Kari & Yoni are a legit Yin and Yang the best way possible. Yoni is adventurous, affectionate, super silly and completely head over hills for Kari. Kari is poised, articulate, insanely sweet and knows how to roll with Yoni's crazy antics. Their day was filled with laughter, heart-felt speeches and so many beautiful Jewish traditions. 

Berkeley Botanical Gardens Wedding | Kelsey & Michael Married


Kelsey & Michael's day was truly magical. Something I tell every client, especially when we start getting into the more hectic or stressful days leading up to the wedding day, is that their day will be wonderful, magical even. Its true - your veil might have a whole in it, the band might be 30 minutes late, or if you somehow get bacon grease all over your jacket (ahem, Michael) but in the end you are marrying your best friend. What is better than that? 
This couldn't have been more true for K&M. A little bacon grease was no worry (thank you to my AMAZING second shooter Cassie for going all Martha Stewart and hand washing Michael's jacket) and there was SO MUCH emotion all day long. Just wait until you see and read about their first look! 

Fort Mason & Jackson Square Engagement | Kari & Yoni


Kari & Yoni are one of the sweetest, funniest and flat out gorgeous couples I have the honor of photographing this year! We were lucky enough to have their engagement session after ALLL that crazy rain we had this year and man oh man...did it make so many amazing wild flowers come to life! We wanted the session to evoke more of a "every day" San Francisco feel with a little bit of Brooklyn if possible as Kari spent so much time on the East Coast. Luckily, I live in the Historic Jackson Square district and know that its such a unique area of the city because of all the red brick - so rather Brooklyn-esque. It was exactly what Kari was hoping for and I was so thrilled to have the mixture for their session. Plus, having little Miss Bella along for the first half of the session made my heart SO happy! 
I'm so excited for Kari & Yoni's wedding this August at the Golden Gate Club, but for now, here is there colorful San Francisco engagement session! 

Shibori Berkeley Brewery Wedding | Brit & Alex Married


Brit & Alex's day was a day that was literally filled to the brim with life & love. It absolutely takes the cake for the most tears that were happy, wishful, and heartfelt that I've ever experienced during a wedding. The laughter that echoed throughout that brewery was what you would expect from any brewery on a Saturday night, however, the fact that it was filled with 180 of the closest friends and family - people who were intertwined in every aspect of each others' lives - that is when you knew you were a part of something so incredibly magical. So many hands came together to make this day exactly what it was: beautiful, heartfelt, fun, refreshing, and filled with the most immense amount of love.

Private Winery Engagement | Danielle & Justin


Danielle & Justin have such an Americana fairy tale! I immediately fell in love with Danielle and her "no nonsense" attitude when we first chatted on the phone and was so happy meeting Justin for their engagement session. He compliments her beautifully - they just work. Have you ever been around a couple and you thought to yourself, "they are perfect for each other. This is a no brainer"? That is exactly how I feel about these two.

San Francisco City Hall Elopement | Jena & Will


I pinched myself, I kid you not. Working with Jena and Will has quite frankly been one of the BEST experiences of my career. I was reconsidering shooting elopements before these two came along. I love having genuine, deep connections with my clients because it helps me tell their story and reads so true in their images. But something just hadn't been clicking with my past elopements (no pun intended).  But J+W turned that tide for me and I'm so lucky they came along!

Clos LaChance Winery Wedding | Shayna & Chris Married


Shayna and Chris had a day filled with endless amounts of laughs, tears (mostly from Chris) and insane amounts of love from their family and friends! Both Shayna and Chris opted to keep their day traditional and not see each other before the ceremony which was definitely the right and BEST choice for them, as Chris couldn't contain his emotions as Shayna walked down the aisle. Parents, wedding party, guests and myself were misty eyed as they spoke the sweetest and most sincere words to each other. It was a fairytale! 

Bay Area Watercolor Artist | Kelly Maughan Personal Brand Session


"Your smile is intoxicating". I remember saying those exact words to Kelly during our session and still feel those hold true today. A light radiates from Kelly that is indescribable. Yes, she is absolutely stunning inside and out, but the warmth that you feel when you are around her is very rare to find in such a young person. I truly feel honored that she entered my life three years ago and that I call her one of my best friends.

Spring San Ramon Wedding | Jessica & Ryan Married


I received a phone call Friday afternoon from a slightly frazzled Jessica letting me know that they were going ahead and setting up the ceremony for the rain plan. I'm not going to lie, I was confused. I had just looked at the forecast about 2 days prior and saw nothing but sunshine! But I knew that everything would be perfect and relayed that to Jessica...and let her know I would have cute clear umbrellas just in case! 

Livermore Rainy Day Wedding | Liz & Chris Married


Liz & Chris were the epitome of cool, calm and collected on their big day. It had been raining for dayssss in the Bay Area and their January 7th big day was looking to be filled with just as much rain as the days preceding it. But that didn't stop us from going with the flow and playing the rain plan by ear.

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