the buehlers in the city


This family, this city, this session. Everything absolutely lined up for my FIRST San Francisco shoot! I couldn't have asked for better clients to kick start my business. It's kind of crazy how Katie and I "met". I posted K&R's sneak peak of their Knoxville wedding, and Katie happened to see it in a round-a-bout way. She then happened to see that I was located here in SF and boom I got a message! Not only is she crazy sweet, but she is also "from" Knoxville. What?! It's like it was meant to be! Her husband is completing his residency here in the city and they will be heading back to Knoxville later in June. I'm crazy sad to see them go as I've developed quite the little crush on this family!

Katie said she wanted to document her family's short time here in the city with some of their favorite local spots! A typical Saturday for them. I loved the idea! So off we went to Alta Plaza Park then for a couple of sweet treats at Sift. I LOVE some of the shots we got there!! To see Ella and Collin light up at all the cupcakes was SO stinking adorable! We rounded out the lifestyle session with a quintessential SF moment. Catching the Muni. Lets say, this was perfect. Not only was it a crowded bus, but it 100% had the feel of San Francisco. People completely did their thing while I snapped shots all around them. Then, as we were getting off of the bus, it just so happened to break down. A sweet southern accent and a question and boom, we were back on the bus for a few minutes taking extra pics. LOVE this city!!! Enjoy!

 These three next photos are so stinking cute!!! LOVE the last one...probably my favorite picture of the session!

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