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Back in May, Rob and I had the incredible opportunity to go frolic around Europe for a few days, revisiting spots that made our hearts flutter 3 years ago and seeing, experiencing and creating new memories as well.

Berkeley Eucalyptus Grove Engagement | Laura & Matt Engaged


It was two days before they said "I do" and we met in the most beautiful Eucalyptus Grove right on Berkeley's Campus! When I say this place is dreamy, I know that so much of that dreaminess and light came from these two and the giddiness they were feeling! Their first engagement session, was filled with the greenest of hills, umbrellas and rain that CA hadn't seen in years. But since we ended up looking like drowned cats and were freezing by the end of their session, we figured why not go and bask in the California sun and have an engagement session that is truly what they had always envisioned! 

I can't wait to share their big day with you filled with vineyards, views for days and these insanely smitten! But for now, let's take a peak into that pre-wedding excitement, that "let's do this" feeling that is so palpable just days before the beginning of your journey! 

Rainy Del Valle Engagement | Laura & Matt Engaged (Part 1)


With all this rainy weather lately - and hey, I don't think anyone is complaining - I definitely had some deja vu back to Laura & Matt's first engagement session at Del Valle Regional Park in Livermore. Laura has been coming to Livermore for years to visit family and she said she has never seen the hills so green before. The rain was coming down SO hard - I literally could hear the water squishing in my boots about 5 minutes into the session - but Laura & Matt were in town for wedding preparations and it was the only time until the week of the wedding that they were able to do an engagement the umbrellas came out and we put some smiles on our faces! About 15 min in, we knew that hair would be wet, clothes would have rain drops and we would be doing another session! I can't wait to share their insanely SUNNY and romantic engagement session at the Berkeley Eucalyptus Grove - this location is easily becoming my favorite in the Bay Area - later this week! But for now, lets love on those beautifully gray skies, the endless green rolling hills and the sweetest moments between these two frolicking in the meadow! 

Sutro Baths & Lands End Engagement | Madeline & Ryan Engaged


Madeline and Ryan were an absolute TREAT to have here in San Francisco for their destination engagement session! Madeline wanted to surprise Ryan with a trip to San Francisco for his birthday (SO sweet) and knew that it would be the most perfect time for their engagement photos. She couldn't keep the secret for too long and before we knew it, they were here and we were running around in the El Nino rains at Sutro Baths & Lands End.  When we talked about a rain plan, they both decided to just go with the flow and enjoy the rare rainy day! I absolutely adored their carefree spirit! 

It's a wonderful feeling when two incredibly connected souls get in front of my camera. These two have been together for a few years and before they were a couple, were dear friends. You could feel the love and connection that emanated from them just in the 2 hours that we were together. Ryan knew how to perfectly wrap Madeline up so that their bodies fit perfectly; how Madeline continued to check on Ryan to make sure he wasn't too cold or tired; at the end of our session, we were all cold, wet and tired, but Ryan looked at Madeline and asked "Do you want to put your toes in the Pacific?" Madeline beamed and I knew it would be a cute little series. They compliment each other beautifully and I was so honored that they chose ME (from Instagram, no less) to photograph this one incredible day on their amazing journey together. 

Madeline & Ryan, I hope wedding planning is going smoothly and you two are savoring this unique time in your journey! I always say, take some time to call each other "fiancé" for a bit. ;)

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