The Nunley Clan


This family was SO.MUCH.FUN! I don't know if I've ever been around a family that jokes around so much and has so much love for each other! It was pretty awesome to be a part of! So on this here day that Jamie, Brian and Evan get to go down to San Antonio to see Del (oldest brother), I thought I would share what an awesome family they are!!
Del and Evan are super close. I absolutely LOVE the pictures I got of the two of them! Katie, Del's girlfriend joined the family fun as well and we all had such a blast!

Ok, so I have a thing for little old men...isn't Mr. Nunley the most adorable thing you've ever seen?!?!? He and his wife Mrs. Nunley were just too sweet! 

Kayla F

Amber and Jamie - The Clan


I had the absolute PLEASURE of photographing a old friend, her husband and her adorable pooch earlier this summer at Ijams Nature Center! I can remember the first time I ever met Amber. It was the summer before 4th grade and we had just moved into a new house. A whole gang of kids showed up at our front door and asked us to go ride bikes. :) (Do kids even do things like this now-a-days?) I thought I would be cool and ride my bike up our driveway....and thought I was going to die at the end. Only those who know my parents driveway would get a chuckle out of that. Amber was the cool kid. The leader of the pack. And I wanted SO bad for her to think I was awesome...well, many many MANY years later, I was tickled pink when Amber contacted ME to capture her incredibly awesome family! :) Does that make me cool? I think SO! 

Amber and Jamie are the absolute cutest! Not only are they adorable (and so incredibly into each other) but their little puppers, Roxy is pretty stinking awesome as well. She really did steal the scene! 

Amber wore the BEST shirt ever! Not only is it orange and white (LOVE) but its so bright and vibrant. Perfect for pictures! 

See what I mean...she's adorable!

I had such a blast with you three that (incredibly hot) summer evening!!! Lol! You all are so awesome!!! 

Jack's UT Session


What better way to celebrate UT's first home football game than with the littlest Volunteer fan?? Jack and his parents are AWESOME Volunteer fans! And coincidentally, Jack's birthday will probably always fall on the first football weekend for UT! Coincidence?? Maybe...or maybe Carla and Tony planned it that way! :) Jack may be a future football star or maybe just a future VOLUNTEER, but either way, I know UT will have a big place in his life!

I absolutely love any chance I get to see this incredibly adorable family! So when I tossed the idea of a stadium session, I was so happy they jumped on board! Our goal was to be in the stadium, up in the seats, but we have come to find out that is a hit or miss with Neyland Stadium. Next time, we will make it happen! BUT who else can say they have had their pics in the halls of Neyland?? We were so stoked to get out of the crazy East TN heat for a few minutes and chow down on some cheerios!

And since it is the first home TN game for the 2012-2013 season, lets hear a resounding GBO!!

  How perfect is this picture??

Love love this family!!! 

If you are interested in a session down on campus, make sure to book soon for the amazing fall colors! I would LOVE to do a session right in the middle of a BIG UT Home game...can't you imagine? An adorable couple kissing in the crazy crowd of tail-gating UT Fan's????

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