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I am absolutely SO incredibly excited to share this adorable and super lovely, intimate wedding that I had the pleasure of shooting this summer. Abby and Andrew are perfect. Perfect for each other in a way that when you sit down with them, its immediately evident. 

When I met Abby & Andrew last year, (omgsh...its already last year) Abby began to tell me about her and Andrew's big day and I was just in LOVE! One of the first things she told me about (and she was SO giddy about) was that her dress was being custom made! Ahhh! Colleen at White Bridal Orchid was working on this incredible gem for Abby and it turned out perfect. Perfect length, perfect amount of whimsical, just perfect everything!

I absolutely LOVED this part of the day! Abby was putting on her final touches and then her girlfriends all broke out into "Chapel of Love". It was one of the absolute cutest moments I've gotten to capture!

Eeek! I love the excitement from Abby! Andrew was soooo excited to see her and kept rubbing his hands together! It was so sweet! The rain might have come right at the moment of them seeing each other, but it didn't change anything!

This was my first Jewish ceremony to be a part of. Abby and Andrew told me a lot about what would happen so that I would be prepared, especially since it isn't similar to a traditional Christian ceremony. I loved that Abby and Andrew would see each other before the ceremony and THAT is tradition! There are SO many intentional and beautiful rituals in Jewish ceremonies. To hear Rabi explain their duties and commitments to each other and then, them sign their promise to withhold these (the Ketubah) was something incredibly amazing to be a part of.

Since the Ketubah is a gift from the groom to his bride, the Rabi asked for Andrew to present it to Abby. Again, the symbolism is just beautiful!

One of the pictures that Abby wanted (and who can blame her), was the picture of Andrew seeing her come down the aisle with her parents. I love this little series.

There really is so much symbolism to the ceremony. I love that both parents bring their child down the aisle and then enter the Chuppah separately from the bride and groom. The bride comes and meets her groom and they enter together. I get chill bumps every time I think about it!


The last images I was able to take where of Abby & Andrews grandparents dancing. adorable is this?!?!?
Abby and Andrew, I seriously cannot tell you two enough how much I LOVED your day! There was SO much love and excitement and I am so honored to have been a part of it! 
Kayla F

 Wedding Day Magic
Dress: White Orchid Bridal
Flowers: Sevier Blumen
Catering and cake: Carles-Witt Events
Wedding planner: Julie Carles, Carles-Witt Events
Ketubah: KetubahStudio (Etsy shop)
Bride's ring: Blair House Estate Jewlery
Groom's ring: MaggiDesigns (Etsy shop)

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