Aidyn's December


I can't even begin to believe that it is New Year's Eve..eve! 2011 has been a phenomenal year for me (however, I don't think I couldn't have topped how bad 2010 was). I'm engaged and planning the most important day of my life with the love of my life and couldn't be happier! I kicked off my photography business and plan on expanding it for 2012 (updates coming right after the new year so keep an eye out!). I have a stable full time job, which is a far cry from last year. And 2011 has been a healthy year for the people I love (minus my broken foot). 2011, I will never forget you! And 2012...I can't wait to meet you!

So now onto one of the cutest little baby girls ever! Meet Miss Aidyn (and her beautiful big blue eyes!) This little girl is not only loved by her awesome parents, but her big sis Addy is totally smitten with her too! They are both too adorable! Kim and Matt...congrats on the prettiest girls ever! :)

 Is Aidyn not the happiest looking baby!?! Poor thing was even feeling sick that morning, but she showed up for her pictures! We couldn't have asked for a better session! 

 Such an awesome moment between father and daughter! 

Oh I would give anything for those eyelashes!! 

Sebby, a chair, and his awesome parents


December 12th...what?!? I am done with sessions until the end of the year (with one more to edit so keep an eye out) and I couldn't be more proud. This year has been awesome to say the least. Especially since I got to see this little kiddo one more time! Sebby is now over a year old...I can't even begin to believe it! I have literally been able to see him grow through my camera. :)
I had had this idea for Lei and Raimund that I really wanted to do a family session in a field. I even was lucky enough to score a chair from Something Borrowed to make the session even more awesome! I drove around for literally probably over an hour and 30 minutes trying to find a field that hadn't been mowed. During my travels, I came to the conclusion that there needs to be a "Farmer's Calendar" that all farmers stick to in regards to mowing...that way there are plenty of fields to choose from and I  know when they are/have been mowed. Who would have thought that there literally wasn't ONE field that was nice and whispy!!!! But no, at least not within the Hardin Valley/Karns/Solway area. NONE...except for a field the size of my living room right next to an abandoned house. Seriously. I put a family with a small child in a field next to an abanonded house and barn. But hey...I will be going back here. This place is AWESOME! :) 

Then a little handy dandyness came into play and I made a fun little banner for Sebby (which Lei snapped up before the end of the session! :))

I think this little kiddo is going to follow in his mom and dad's footsteps.

Sebby is seriously the happiest baby EVER! If he gets fussy, its over in 2.5 seconds. Just enough for you to put all eyes on him and then he's good! I even got some love during our session! :)

Ahhh...I seriously love this family so insanely much! 

Stayed tuned around Christmas for a baby session I had involving Christmas lights, ornaments and a whole bunch of giggly smiles! :)

Baby Jack


I am so excited to share this post with you all! This little fella is one of the cutest little baby boys ever! It also helps that his parents are pretty cool too! Carla and I had to reschedule this session so many times that a newborn session quickly turned into a one month session...but hey, the baby totally dictates the session, and this little guy just wasn't ready for his close up. But man oh man, it was totally worth the wait!

Jack had been battling some belly problems but his mom and dad knew exactly what to do to calm him down. It was so amazing to see a couple work in such tandem to help soothe their child. Case and point shown below! 

This little guy is also a mover and a shaker...when we stopped moving he would start to wake his dad turned on some awesome music and it calmed him right down! 

 Love these pictures of Tony and Jack! 

I definitely didn't plan on these photos turning out so similar, but I am in love with them. I could definitely see these in a double picture frame. :)

And lastly, these were literally the last three pictures on my camera for that session. Like I said earlier, sometimes the "subject" totally dictates the session. Jack was letting me know that he was done...but I got some funny pictures in the mean time! :)

Carla and Tony, I absolutely cannot wait to see Jack again! I am loving all of the UT gear he is sporting on Facebook! :)



Thanksgiving is my all-time favorite holiday! So many people always ask "Why? Isn't Christmas your favorite?" Don't get me wrong, Christmas rocks, but Thanksgiving was always the time of year where I got to see my entire family! I didn't grow up with my grandparents right down the street from me where we saw them every Sunday like so many of my friends did. My grandparents lived 6 hours away! So going up to Covington, VA to see them was a huge deal! It didn't matter if I spent Thanksgiving with my Gammy and Pawpaw and the whole Dressler side of the family, or if we went and had a delicious meal with my Meemaw and Papaw and the Folks family; we got to spend time together. To me, that is the essence of Thanksgiving. Spending the day with the people you love the most. There are no expectations (except that the ham better be a Virginia spiral and not honey baked), but just hanging out with my amazing cousins, my hilarious and usually always crazy aunts, hearing the best stories and having stimulating conversations with my aunt and uncle...these are the memories that have literally consumed my childhood and now adulthood. 

So now that I'm done being mushy, here are some special reasons why I am so thankful this year. 2011 has been a pretty fantastic year; not just for me personally, but also in pursuing my dream of becoming a photographer. So I am going to leave you with a couple of pictures from each of my sessions this year. Whether it was completely smitten couples, big bellies, crying babies or the big day, I have grown to love all of my clients. You all are so incredibly special to me! I'm thankful for each and every one of you!

Happy Thanksgiving!!
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