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I had the unbelievable pleasure of taking these oh-so-sweet pictures of Little Miss Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago. I received an email from Lindsey, a few months ago and she was just gushing with excitement to meet her little girl! Newborn sessions are always interesting (in a good way)! There's always the waiting game. Sure, the mom is due at this time, but the little one may surprise us with his/her appearance or she may decide to take her time coming into the world. In Brooklyn's case, she came a tiny bit early, and on my busiest weekend of the year! But that didn't stop us! It allowed a routine to be set (which I always prefer) and for Brooklyn to be nice and comfy at home! The other fun part about newborns is you never know if you're going to have an active one, or a quiet sleepy one. Brooklyn was the definition of quiet and sleepy...and I like it! :D She was precious! She didn't mind my clicking or my oohing and aaahing, she just slept away! Take a look at the sweetness I was able to catch! 

There is something about a dad holding his baby that just gets me. I love this picture... immensely. 

Love her little features. She was just too precious! 

Ahhh, both of these. I can't stand how much I love them! 

Terry gave Lindsey the sweetest bracelet while she was in the hospital with Brooklyn. Like all mommas, Lindsay wasn't able to wear her wedding ring for the pictures, so I was tickled that she wore her bracelet. 
Someone was being silly at one point and was FIGHTING going back to sleep! But she eventually couldn't take it anymore and zonked out. Love this little girl! 

I love this last picture! Not only is this the sweetest family picture, but the VERY last picture I took is little Miss Brooklyn all tuckered out in her daddy's arms. Just love this! 
 To Terry, Lindsey and Brooklyn, you three are such a picture perfect family and I am honored that you brought me into your house to share in your little bundle! I hope you treasure these pictures (and maybe pull them out when her first boyfriend comes knocking on your door). 
Kayla F

Rebekah & Logan | the couple


I am in LOVE with this session. 
This session holds a very special place in my heart. No one reached out to me for this. No one had this idea, but me. I was in a rut. I didn't want to take another session because I was becoming frustrated with myself. I felt like my images were starting to look like something that I just didn't want. Now don't get me wrong, I am unbelievably proud of every single session I do, and if I'm not, I make it up to my clients and ask them if they would like ANOTHER session. Luckily, that has only happened once, with a not so happy 2 yr old! :) But there is something about having a creative outlet that is incredibly personal. Even though clients contact me and ask me to photograph them, every single session is like a little mission for me. I want to better my craft, better my imagination and better how I see people...the real people. Not them standing in front of a camera. 
I did a small casting, haha, not really. I posted on FB if a young couple wanted to have their pictures taken. And guess what! Rebekah and Logan fell in my lap!!! :D 
Rebekah was actually in Keely and Scott's wedding last year so I was happy it was a familiar face! However, I was not ready for how awesome Logan and Rebekah were, not only with me, but together! They are stinking adorable. Not in a gushing, omgsh, I'm going to be sick to my stomach adorable, but in a quiet, sincere, and completely genuine way. 
I already knew the location. An abandoned house. Now which abandoned house was another story. I wasn't in the mood to break any laws, have a house fall down on our heads, or get eaten alive by guard dogs, so I was ecstatic to find this little gem off of a not so quiet street. 
Here is how my amazing self-reviving session took place. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 

This left picture just gets me. I can't help it.

Cushions and chair are brought to you by people leaving awesome pieces behind. :) Thank you previous owners! 

Isn't Rebekah insanely gorgeous!? Ahhhh, her smile is contagious! 

This one might be my fav! 
After night started to fall, I knew I wanted to do some late fire pictures. I have been wanting to do a session like this for a while, but knew that after winter, it probably wouldn't happen for a while. I wanted to play with some off camera flash which turned out ok...practice makes perfect right? 
One thing I did take away from our little escapade, make sure your firewood is DRY. I was in a rush and grabbed from the wrong pile. Whoops. :)

Rebekah and Logan, thank you so much for being my guinea pigs! You two were perfect and I couldn't be happier you sought ME out! :D
Kayla F
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