the day after | lindsay & duane


Maybe its been the gloomy weather we've had this winter, maybe its because I haven't gotten out to shoot in a while, or maybe its just the simple fact that Lindsay & Duane were completely smitten, in love, and just flat out adorable with each other that makes me LOVE this session!!! I received an email from Lindsay that just absolutely BROKE my heart! She and Duane were married just this past December, but through some bad situations they have just a handful of wedding images! A HANDFUL! Can you believe that?!?! My heart broke. I was sick to my stomach! I knew in that instant that I would do anything I could to make this session awesome! Snow? Thats magical! Frigid temperature? Cause for more snuggling! Semi gloomy day? Well, thats called perfect light! ;) Lindsay and Duane were amazing! I seriously don't think I could have asked for a better couple to jump start my 2013 season!!! 

I loved that we started off the session where they first met...Oodles, downtown. :D
Are they not adorable???
Whooa! Love love this one! 

Lindsay & Duane! I know I've told you probably 100 times how much fun I had...but its so sincere! You two were just perfect!
Kayla F
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