the ganancials {biltmore winter session}


This family...what is there to say? They were my FIRST paying client. Lei took a chance on me when it seemed absolutely no one would. I had never taken a picture for money before (unless I had someone WAY more experienced with me...and I was assisting) and she asked me to take pictures of Sebby's Christening. :pressure: But this family has stuck with me! Its Lei & Raimund who prompted the Biltmore Winter Sessions and I couldn't be more happy that they did! I'm ridiculously proud and in LOVE with these pictures.

A little backstory: I have taken pictures for this family for about the last 3 years. Yet I have NEVER taken a picture of just Lei & Raimund together. No Sebby...just the two of them. It had never happened. I noticed this during my first session. "Crap!" I thought to myself. I didn't get a picture of Lei & Raimund together, just the two of them. But soon I realized that thats just not how they roll. They are 100% a family of 3 and to not have Sebby in the picture seemed...odd. But little guy had a different plan during the Biltmore sessions. It was coooold to say the least. Once we were done taking our nice family pictures in front of the house we strapped Seb in his stroller and headed over to the Library Terrace. :mistake...or was it?: Sebby was so toasty and warm that he absolutely did not want to get out and away from the blanket. We tried...let me tell you. But it just wasn't going to happen. So I used this time and make it a couple shoot. There were plenty of giggles to start, but soon, man! I couldn't stop taking pictures! I stopped directing and just let them do what was natural. These pictures just capture my heart. :)


Obsessed. Seriously. 
Kayla F

for Love of Film


There are many times at weddings when I am asked how much film I use while shooting. I sadly have to reply back that I don't shoot film (as much as I wish I did) but that most photographers shoot digitally nowadays. However, there has been a resurgence in film over the last 3 years or so (maybe even longer than that) and the film wedding photographer is on the rise. :D I purchased a film camera back right before we headed to Paris for our honeymoon. I honestly couldn't imagine Paris being captured any other way. There is something about the grain, about the finish of film that just radiates a different feel entirely to an image. Some people experience this feeling and some don't. Rob just doesn't understand what I get so giddy about, and that to me makes the feeling I get more special. Not everyone is meant to shoot film. Not every event is meant to be captured on film. To me, its a special occasion, a rarity, a feeling that is incredibly difficult to explain (as I feel like I have done a horrible job so far).

Now I am by NO means a film photographer. I am a film "dabbler". I am currently having to almost relearn how to shoot. One thing I can say, however, is that my regular shooting has improved since I've been playing with film. I take my time and focus on light, settings, composition, everything before I press the shutter.

I would love to get to a point with film where I am able to go "hybrid" meaning shooting digital and film for engagements and weddings, but I'll stick to doing this for me at the moment. Here are just a few captures that I took during the 2013 wedding season. :D I'm excited  to work more and learn more and develop (pun totally intended) this love and skill even more!

Kayla F

abby & ben {the clan}


December is my all-time favorite month! Everything amazing happens in December..or right before. Thanksgiving, mine & Rob's dating anniversary, Diesel's birthday, Rob's birthday, my birthday (we're a December family), Christmas...I think you get where I am going with this. So with that said, I have yet to have a session in December that I haven't been magically in love with. This session is absolutely no different! 

I was thrilled when Abby reached out to me and asked me to take pictures of her and her hubs! Abby is the crazy talented photographer behind Abby Elizabeth Photography and I was absolutely tickled when she told me she was wanting some winter/Christmas pictures!!! Yay! We headed out to where she and Ben got hitched even though it had been raining all day and didn't look promising to let up. Let me just say, I love the rain. Just LOVE the rain. Its such a calming factor and it always feels like it centers me. I'm not scared of it and I was SO excited when I got a text from Abby that said, "I just got an umbrella. Lets go for it!" She knows the way to my heart! 

Snuggle up with a blanket and maybe some hot cocoa...these are worth it!

Abby & Ben came with the perfect look for winter or Christmas pictures! RED, plaid, super happy photographer right here!!!

 Might I add that this was definitely my first time ever taking pictures of cats! :D

jessica & justin {the clan}


This couple. I honestly just LOVE when I get an email from Jessica! They are SO flipping sweet, go along with anything I ask or ideas I have and are genuinely just so much fun to be around!!! Jessica & Justin want to put together a book for their coffee table that has their Christmas cards from every year in it...I am in love with this idea! I've been sooo honored to be the first and second card in that book and hope I am able to continue our little tradition! :D 

And just to add a little tid bit about this session. I drive past this industrial park almost every day in Karns (Westbrook Business Park). In the fall there was this one field/lot that the sun would hit while it was setting and it was just magical. Jessica and Justin were such champs and totally trusted me!! LOVE this session!

Kayla F

blake & lauren {the question}


My heart is happiest when I not only get to share this passion, but especially when I get to share it with those I love. Blake & Lauren are a very, very big part of mine and Rob's life. Blake is Rob's best friend. Lauren and I torture them about their "bromance" but it is honestly one of the most sincere friendships I have ever witnessed. They would do anything for each other, so when Blake told Rob that he was going to propose to Lauren (because they can't keep any secrets from each other) I think I got just as excited as when Rob proposed to me. ;)

I was absolutely over the moon when Blake & Lauren took me up on my offer to shoot their engagement pictures. I was nervous...I mean butterflies in your belly, hand sweating while holding the camera nervous. I wanted them to have the best pictures I could possibly give them, not only as an engagement present, but because I know those will be images that they look back on for years!

I'm in LUST with these images! Ahhh, they honestly just make me super giddy! Not only was the weather absolutely perfect (it poured rain before the session and the Smokey Mountains totally lived up to their name) but backdrop was just to die for. I had never been to Cades' Cove before, but after this visit, I would be more than happy to go again and again!

 This image makes my heart skip. I feel like it should be my poster child of Kayla F Photography I love it so much!

 Lauren is the free bird in my life. She is whimsical, thoughtful, and incredibly down to Earth. When she walked over and started picking flowers I think I even called her my little flower child. She eventually stuck them in her hair and it couldn't have been more fitting.

Swoon! Seriously...

Lauren is such a beauty! I can't wait to see how stunning she is going to be at their wedding!

 We ended our session and on the way out of Cades' Cove we met this Momma and her adorable 3 (yes THREE) cubs! East TN never disappoints!
July can't get here fast enough! Rob and I are more than excited to celebrate and enjoy their wedding festivities...tears will definitely be shed (at least by Rob and Blake). :) 
Kayla F

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