I had the incredible pleasure of photographing the sweetest family EVER last summer at their farm and home in TN. Not only are they the absolute SWEETEST family, but they fully enjoy spending time together, are wonderful hosts (anytime I've offered sweet tea and pie I'm smitten) and genuinely care for those that come into their lives. I adored exploring their farm and finding such incredible scenery to use for their session. The light was incredible...I've never seen any like it. When we were around the hay, seeing all the little dust flutters dancing in the light was so beautiful, even Rusty commented on how magical it looked!

Stacy & Rusty are incredible. You can see in the way they look, talk and touch each other just how madly in love they are after 20 years! Can you believe it?!?! 20 years!! Actually...its 25, they are high school sweethearts! Eeek! So wonderful! Both Elizabeth and Auston are super, super talented young adults! Auston is very intelligent, an awesome soccer player, active in 4H and so handsome (and somewhat bashful, I can see him blushing at me stating that)! Elizabeth is a true musical talent. She writes her own music and lyrics, plays the guitar and piano (among other instruments) and is such a vibrant and beautiful lady! I honestly feel so lucky that this incredible journey brought us together! I hope you enjoy their session as much as I did!

Ps...they had a donut and old bottled coke picnic with their pup, Sophie. I could I not love them?!?



These two were brought to me by pure fate. I could go into the details of how we were connected, but lets just say it was written in history that we were to meet! Le Sigh! I ventured down to Los Gatos for the first time and spent a couple of hours with Hillary and Tyler for their engagement session. This city literally reminded me of being back home! Quaint streets, friendly neighbors and people was lovely! H&T really wanted to do the session in their town and I totally understand why! They love going to a little coffee shop down the street every Saturday morning for breakfast, go for walks in the park, hikes up in the hills and just enjoy being together in this incredible time of their relationship! I always say being engaged should be more than just planning your wedding. It should be a time to enjoy the promise you made to each other. A planning of the future...not just the wedding day. A time to get excited about your MARRIAGE!!!

I simply adored this time of hanging out and getting to know Hillary and Tyler. They were absolutely perfect in every way. The way Tyler teased Hillary about not being good TV show watcher, the way they easily molded themselves to sit together, and the way Hillary is the absolute PERFECT height to simply rest her head on Tyler's shoulder. These are the little moments I take with me from my shoots and the time with my clients. I'm so excited for their lives together and to continue this sweet friendship that was meant to be.

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