Bay Area Watercolor Artist | Kelly Maughan Personal Brand Session

Thursday, March 23, 2017

"Your smile is intoxicating". I remember saying those exact words to Kelly during our session and still feel those hold true today. A light radiates from Kelly that is indescribable. Yes, she is absolutely stunning inside and out, but the warmth that you feel when you are around her is very rare to find in such a young person. I truly feel honored that she entered my life three years ago and that I call her one of my best friends.

Kelly ventured to the Bay Area because when she visited here 5 years ago. She fell in love with this city and "just knew" this was where she was meant to be. I have laughed, cried, paddled, toasted, cooked, explored, and worked with Kelly and every time I am with her I know that I am lucky. Lucky to know her, lucky to love her, lucky to call her a dear friend. Kelly is an insane talent. Not only is she an incredible photographer, but she is also a sunset whisperer (a term I coined for her) and an incredible artist - predominately watercolors. The way she is able to capture sunsets - not only with her iPhone (kid you not) - but with her mind and heart and transfer them to paper with pastels and a brush is absolutely beautiful. She has a way of taking the emotions and thoughts that she had with each sunset and translating them into a painting. Its awe inspiring.

These photos make me smile. They are of someone I love dearly, whose smile is intoxicating and infectious, but this session also happened right when I needed it. Isn't it funny how a simple photo shoot, with one subject, in one location can bring so much inspiration? Because Kelly loves sunsets, we were hoping for an epic one for her shoot; we had an entire setup in the works. But then the wind and Karl the fog rolled in and decided that the only star of this shoot would be Kelly. I have to say, I think the city knew what it was doing. ;) Kelly wrote this on her website and I couldn't agree more, "Life is messy - it surely isn't perfect. However, it is always perfectly unperfect."

If you are interested in purchasing an original piece from Kelly, you can email her at, visit her Instagram Page @kellyeatsavocados which showcases TONS of her work and you can help me pester her to get her artwork OUT THERE into the world for people to have in their homes!!! <3

Ps, theres a good amount of 35mm film mixed in here that makes me giddy!!!

Spring San Ramon Wedding | Jessica & Ryan Married

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I received a phone call Friday afternoon from a slightly frazzled Jessica letting me know that they were going ahead and setting up the ceremony for the rain plan. I'm not going to lie, I was confused. I had just looked at the forecast about 2 days prior and saw nothing but sunshine! But I knew that everything would be perfect and relayed that to Jessica...and let her know I would have cute clear umbrellas just in case! 

I have worked on rainy wedding days more times than not it seems like lately. This crazy California rain (I never knew that would be a statement I would say) has led to some soggy days but when you look out at the hills and see all that green, its kind of hard to be upset. So I knew we would roll with the weather and if we could poke outside and grab some natural light photos, we would call it a win! My little anti-rain dance (ok, multiple anti-rain dances) on Saturday must have done the trick. We didn't have one drop fall during Jessica & Ryan's first look, portraits, wedding party photos or family photos! Yay!!!! The wind definitely started to pick up and the temperature dropped fast, but it caused my bride and groom to get closer, snuggle hard and to focus on their day and why they were there!

Jessica & Ryan have insane style. They blew me away with how beautifully they were dressed for their engagement session so when my second shooter Cassie told me that Ryan's tux was to die for and impeccably styled, it was honestly no surprise. Attention to detail is one of my favorite aspects about my clients - that and making the whole wedding day as personal as possible. Jessica & Ryan pulled both of those off perfectly! Their reception was dotted with the cities they have traveled to or hope to travel to, adorable luggage tags, a bucket of Coca-Colas for Ryan while they had an incredibly close friend unite them as husband and wife for their ceremony! 

These two have incredible hearts and seeing them surrounded by their friends and family on their big day was just so incredibly humbling. Being such an intimate part of someone's wedding day is still something that I simply cannot take for granted.

Jessica & Ryan, words cannot begin to tell you how much I loved being there for your day! I laughed SO HARD watching your friends scavenger, dabbed away tears during your ceremony and boogied on the dance floor with your amazing friends! You two are filled with so much love and I'm just amazed I was able to witness it! I hope you two love and adore these images forever! 
Kayla F

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