Bay Area Watercolor Artist | Kelly Maughan Personal Brand Session


"Your smile is intoxicating". I remember saying those exact words to Kelly during our session and still feel those hold true today. A light radiates from Kelly that is indescribable. Yes, she is absolutely stunning inside and out, but the warmth that you feel when you are around her is very rare to find in such a young person. I truly feel honored that she entered my life three years ago and that I call her one of my best friends.

Spring San Ramon Wedding | Jessica & Ryan Married


I received a phone call Friday afternoon from a slightly frazzled Jessica letting me know that they were going ahead and setting up the ceremony for the rain plan. I'm not going to lie, I was confused. I had just looked at the forecast about 2 days prior and saw nothing but sunshine! But I knew that everything would be perfect and relayed that to Jessica...and let her know I would have cute clear umbrellas just in case! 
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