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A game of scrabble, a school house, a blanket and music, and two of the most in love and FUN couples I have had the pleasure of photographing! I just adored watching Elizabeth and John have fun with each other during their engagement session one early Monday morning in East TN! That's what they did...they had fun with each other and it was SO refreshing! They giggled, they kissed, they squished each others' noses, they talked about the honeymoon they will be taking to Maine...they were adorable!

Elizabeth and I go back...like back to the days of high school. I was beyond excited when she reached out to me and asked me to be their photographer! I was ecstatic! There is something incredibly humbling about having someone from your past ask you to document their future (ohhh, that was kinda corny, but you get it). In talking with Elizabeth about her and John and where they are in their lives now, it came to me to have their session at a school house. After some research and some digging, we landed right back to where I had been before, Riverdale Elementary School out in Strawberry Plains, TN. One look at it and Elizabeth was in love! I was so happy when they decided on the school for their engagement location! I had a blast with Abby & Ben there back in December, and was excited to see the school in the summer with green all around it!

The ideas are all Elizabeth & John's! They are avid scrabble players (Elizabeth even brought their score sheet), they LOVE music and John is a marathoner and has done 2 half Iron Man Triathalons so having his bike included was a great idea! There are times when you know that a couple has it in their cards...these two are definitely one of those couples!


Elizabeth & John...I'll be seeing you in 5 weeks! Eeek! 
Kayla F

Aaron & Chelsea | Engaged



I simply ADORE these two! I was thrilled when they told me they would love to have their engagement session somewhere that was special for them and that it would be at Aaron's family lake house. Lets just say, I immediately started imagining amazing things and it did not disappoint! Not only do I love Chelsea's fashion, but even better than that was the way Aaron was completely enthralled and in love with Chelsea! He made my job sooooo easy!

Aaron & Chelsea also have had the distinct pleasure (or lack thereof) of having their wedding date affected by the University of Tennessee football schedule. Oh yea. TN changed their opening football date (which pretty much runs the city) so Chelsea & Aaron made the decision to change up their date so their friends and family could still sport their Orange & White and NOT be running to any back rooms for play by plays! :) I love how they chose to share the news! (Pun totally intended)

I'm beyond excited for August 30th and can't wait to see how beautiful this wedding is going to be!!!
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