The Bowers' Bump


So I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was when my awesome cousin Micah and his beautiful wife Heather told our family that they were expecting! Little bursts of screams were heard all around Knoxville and Virginia! And lucky me got the priviledge not only to go to her baby shower (even if it was an 8 hr drive in an automotive clad mini van with a broken foot - me, not the van), but Heather asked me one of the best things you could ask a family shoot her belly! Well, you guys know what I mean! Maternity shoots are one of my favs! Not only because it is one of the most laid back shoots (what 8 month pregnant woman wants to run around to tons of different locations?) but also because these are pictures that really will be cherish for a lifetime! One thing that Heather and Micah decided to do was keep the name of the baby a surprise from everyone...I think it has leaked to a couple of people here and there, but in the end they want to go with a name they love and I couldn't agree more...
Oh and it's a GIRL!!!

I am in love with the next three pictures...I couldn't settle on just one...or two! :)



And this is why photographers always want to shoot at sunset...look at that yummy light!


I can't wait to be Auntie Kayla to a new member of our amazing family!

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