January 28, 2014; the day I met Ryanne will go down in our SF history! I decided I was going to find people here in the Bay Area in our industry...put myself out there (which, lets face it isn't easy for anyone) and make some friends, industry peers and, hopefully down the road, some connections. What I wasn't "planning" on was the incredible friendships I would make on this adventure. Ryanne Steele from Steele My Heart, Hand Lettered Signage, Modern Calligraphy & Wedding Planning, has turned out to be one of my best girlfriends! She has SUCH an amazing spirit...she's just effervescent!! From our first bite at an Alameda Thai restaurant to our jaunts around the Alameda Flea Market to working together on some fun and exciting projects, I just adore our friendship and was SO incredibly excited when she asked for new head shots for her website! No jacket or blazer for this chicky! We wanted to have fun, show off her personality and really show off how talented and unique she is! As she states on her site, "I believe that you should look to hire vendors that you feel comfortable with, the kind of people you would want to be friends with long after your Wedding Day." 

We had such a fun time hanging over in my neighbor's apartment (thank you Carrie!!!) and then we made our way over to a famous little corner of our neighborhood called, Vesuvio. We had a beer (or two) and continued with the shoot. I love how this head shot session wasn't buttoned up or covered up, but showed tattoos, curly hair, beer drinking and the most awesome handletterer and planner in the Bay Area! Enjoy!! {Makeup: Makeup by Adele}


  1. Kayla, I am literally squealing and clapping and dancing in my chair right now! This is a beautifully curated showcase of our day together, where we spent time time laughing and enjoying our friendship! I am so so so thankful you came into my life, and am looking forward to all the magic we are going to create together!

  2. Love them all! Great shots, Kayla! And Ryanne, you look amazing :)


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