Temescal Alley & Grizzly Peak & Karl the Fog Engagement | Oakland


I believe I am one LUCKY girl that these two fell into my lap! Their first choice of photographer is amazing and booked SO fast that Anna & Donny didn't want to hesitate the next time around! I adore Annie from A Tale Ahead for sending Anna & Donny my way...it was definitely a good match!

When Donny & Anna were discussing their engagement session and what they love to do together, how they spend their time, they immediately brought up Temescal Alley in Oakland. I've been to the alley in the middle of the day to see the horticulture shop, the incredible jewelry makers and some very hipster Bay Area wears...it definitely has its appeals! I was thrilled to start our session there. I wanted a nice counter balance to complete their session; so while we began in Temescal Alley, I wanted to find a grassy, flowy, golden hills area for the last hour. Through my amazing network of photographer friends, I stumbled upon Grizzly Peak. WOW...it was perfect for what I had in mind! Golden rolling hills, San Francisco and Oakland in the distance...it was perfect! But, I totally underestimated Karl the Fog. He rolled in and turned our golden hills session into the most amazing, dreamy, romantic and mystic fog filled session I've ever had the pleasure to photograph! It was incredible! I hope you enjoy!


  1. Kayla, these photos are gorgeous! I'm so glad Anna & Donny found such a talented photographer. Thanks for the mention, and Annie and I can't wait to see their wedding pics :)


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