Squaw Valley Lake Tahoe Wedding | Kat & Neil Wedding


Private property wedding by the river in Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe. Bride and Groom Photo - Bride wearing a long white flowy, jersey dress and flower crown. Groom wearing a navy suit; couple is surrounded by trees with the golden sun peaking through the trees.

Kat & Neil's big day...lets just say, this is a day as a wedding photographer that you take with you. K+N had a day that honestly brought me back to why I do this as my sole job/career not only on their wedding day, but also revisiting it now, blogging it. As a wedding photographer, there are times when you get in ruts, times when it's hard to see with fresh eyes, and you go through the motions. This day never had an ounce of that. Maybe it was because it was in a new and vibrant location, Lake Tahoe. Maybe it was because I had Rob with me on a small vacation and we spent the day before and after exploring the incredible scenery. Or maybe it was that there were so many genuine and loving hands that made this day everything that it became; hands gathering flowers hundreds of miles away; hands of friends preparing and making food that was to nourish and liven their taste buds; hands that really and truly made this day more magical than can be put into words.

Its hard for me to put a finger on why this wedding revived me and really made me fall more in love with my passion; but one thing I can't negate is the fact that it happened and I'm beyond honored that Kat & Neil trusted me to capture this amazing day in their lives! 

Bridal details; shoes and Chanel perfume, light and airy, mostly white

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