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Back in May, Rob and I had the incredible opportunity to go frolic around Europe for a few days, revisiting spots that made our hearts flutter 3 years ago and seeing, experiencing and creating new memories as well.

This weekend, as I sat here in my cozy apartment reliving our magical visit, it struck me that 1 year ago, Paris was in turmoil, experiencing the first national tragedy it's had in decades. My heart throbbed for Paris and for those who call it home, but I was comforted by these images and the love that we experienced while in the city. It's amazing how resilient the human spirit is.
I will for sure have a full post of our adventures, as I'm trying to blog more and include more personal posts, but I just HAD to share my first rolls of film in 3 years; of course, I spent them on Versailles and Paris. I am incredibly proud of how these images turned out and am not lying when I said I shed a couple of tears when I saw the scans come through. I am so proud of myself for not only picking up the medium that I have loved for so long, but for also taking the time to slow down, appreciate what I am photographing and seeing beauty in the smallest of things. Birds bathing in puddles, green chairs in a park, chipping gold leaf - these are the small details, the fleeting moments, the beautiful imperfections that my heart loves.
A big shoutout to TheFINDLab for the beautiful scans! The process was so easy and I will for sure be going back! 

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