San Francisco Baker Beach Engagement | Wallis and Josh Engaged


Wallis and Josh started dating in the 8th grade. Through seven years of being together, they have gone through life's battles, triumphs, valleys, and mountains. I'm lucky to say that I've known Wallis for a few years, but just recently was able to witness her and Josh's ebbs and flows as a couple. That totally sounds silly, but I truly believe that couples know how to move together, fit together and really can become in sync; they flow. And no, not only while walking down the street together or cuddling on a couch watching their favorite show, but during a photo session as well. And when it happens, its magical! There is a photo I captured of Wallis and Josh...and when I came across it editing, I stopped. THIS is what I want to capture. I asked them to dance in the streets of San Francisco; they laughed, they stumbled, they turned multiple shades of red; and then, Wallis reached out and grabbed a hold of Josh and they came together, totally in sync. My heart pitter-pattered, because let's face it, I'm a hopeless romantic!

Not only did we spend some incredible time in the streets of the city dancing, but we also went over to Baker Beach for some golden hour glory! Man oh man! The light showed up for these two! These are easily some of my favorite images to was completely magical! We laughed so much about #shouldersandchin that it might actually become their wedding day hashtag...maybe! ;)

I am beyond humbled that Wallis & Josh asked me to take their destination engagement photos while they vacationed here in San Francisco! We frolicked all over the city and had so much fun going to new spots and exploring together! I cannot wait to see how stunning their wedding will be this year back in Tennessee!

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