It has taken me WAY too long to do this session! But with fall coming and going, things have been crazy and blogging has had (sadly) to take a back burner. But no longer! Yay!! 

Meet Haley and her beautiful momma Melissa! I have known Haley since she was born...she just so happens to be my bestest beyond bestest friend's adorable niece! I have always called Haley "Mogley" because she reminds me so much of the character from The Jungle Book, weird, I know! :) But I love her immensely! When Melissa told me that she had wanted to have some pictures done of Haley (and maybe a couple with her) I was so excited!!! Haley has such an awesome personality that I knew it would be nothing but loads of fun! Well, little miss thing thought she would put on her shy face to start. Well, that ended quickly once we found this awesome baby weeping willow and I had her "find" me! :) So much fun!!!

Haley told me that she wanted to take pictures with her mom! So I was totally game! Ummm, they literally are identical...even their personalities. It makes me giggle just to think about it! I had Melissa surprise Haley with a tickle session...definitely one of my best ideas!

Off we went to explore the park! This was actually my second session for the DAY at Campbell Station Park! I just love that place! 

Gosh....don't you just love little girl freckles and soft eyelashes and baby hairs?!? So stinking cute!

See what I mean about them looking so much alike?!?

We had so much fun at the weeping willow that Haley wanted to go back! I have to say that these next few pictures are some of my favorite EVER!! 

Haley, my little Mogley, I love you and your momma so much!!! I hope we can get together SOON and go frolic somewhere else! :) Maybe your awesome aunt can tag along too?!?

Check back later this week for Baby Jack!!! He's a scene stealer...I'm telling you!

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