A DIY Christmas


So since I have (almost) distributed all of my Christmas presents, I figured I would share some of my fun new finds from Pinterest!!! If you aren't a member of Pinterest, then you need to jump on it! I don't believe it is invite only anymore so everyone gets to indulge in the foods that make your mouth water, the home decor ideas that get you inspired, the photography that makes my heart start racing and of course the funny little things that just make you giggle! :)

So, I really wanted this year to be a local and/or DIY Christmas! Robby and I have tried really hard to start buying and supporting local businesses and I've tried to pinch a penny or two (we are in wedding planning mode) by doing more things DIY! So here was my first project! Coasters!! Who on Earth doesn't need coasters?!?!? Especially cute little frilly ones? Well, maybe some people, but not me...or my friends! So off I went to a hardware store...now I tried to find a local hardware store, but I don't believe they exist! Seriously, if you know of one, please leave me a comment! So, off I went and found these little gems!
Disclaimer: I have to apologize for the awkward hand positions and lack of pictures. I tried to do this project and take pictures by myself...lesson learned.

.16 cents a piece!!! Seriously?!?!? No way! Oh yea! I might have had to scrounge up the last remaining ones, but you bet I'm on board the .16 cent train!
Then I went through my stash of scrapbook supplies and found EVERYTHING else! Yay!!

Here's what you need for the Scrapbook Coasters!
4 - 4.25x4.25 tiles from a hardware store
1 sheet of 10x10 scrapbook paper
a straight edge or paper trimmer of some sort
mod podge
mod podge acrylic spray
1 spongey brush
felt bottom circles (not pictures)

1. The first thing I did was cut all of my paper to 4x4 size. I wanted to have a little bit of white space around the paper.
2. Put the paper on the tile. I took the mod podge and got a good amount on the spongey brush (about a quarter size) and evenly distributed the glue all over the paper; starting from the middle and working my way out to the edges.
3. I then made sure, after each coat of mod podge, to smooth out any ripples or bumps.
4. Let the mod podge sit for about 15 minutes (I completed the rest of the tiles)
5. Add about 3-4 coats of mod podge on to the tiles/paper

*Now is where I put my camera down and forgot to pick it back up! :(
6. Make sure to do this next step outside! Do nice even sprays of acrylic spray on the tiles. Make sure to cover the entire tile and cover it good! I did 2 coats of the spray just to make sure that I got everything. It only takes about 1 min for the acrylic spray to dry.
7. I am uber paranoid about Diesel (our frenchie) licking things, so I left the tiles outside for a day to make sure they were good and DRY!
8. I then attached felt furniture pads to the bottom of the tiles. I put one in each corner.

And that is it! I have to say these little (less than $5) coasters were a hit!!!

So now that I'm in the DIY mood, I'm starting on some *Wedding DIY* projects!!! I'm trying document them as best as I can and as soon as I take care of one BIG to-do I will post the first series! :)
Hope you guys enjoy this little break from the norm. If not, let me know...but I will probably continue to do them until I'm all DIY'd out! :)

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