KaylaFPhotography.com is LIVE!!


This has been a long (looooonnnnggg) time in the making! I bought Kayla F Photography over a year ago and it has just sat there. Its rather depressing once you think about it. So when it came time to renew the domain, I got to thinking. "This is ridiculous. Why am I going to renew it when it has just sat there for an entire year?" So after mulling over it for about 5 days, I kicked my butt in gear and decided that the reason why it has sat there is my own fault (obviously). The idea of creating a website just absolutely terrified me. Websites are so insanely expensive. Who on Earth would design it? Do I even have enough in my portfolio to interest people? Finally, I decided that if this is something that I want to do (you know, the whole being a photographer dealio) then I need a website. Not just a blog, but a legit website.

I have heard so many amazing things about Showit and know a few photographer who use their services, let alone almost all of the photographers whose work I drool over on a daily basis. If its good enough for them, well it has to be good enough for me! I signed up and 3 weeks later "TADA!!!"

There were many nights and weekends of Robby asking me to get off of the computer and to not eat my dinner at my desk (all requests I of course obliged). There was a lot of edits, a lot of emails to one very very trusted photographer confidant, and many questions to Robby...the computer genius. But in the end, this website is 100% me! Done, 100% by me! I don't know if I could be any more proud! So, on with the tour!

I don't want to load you down with a "How To" of the site...hopefully its easy enough to navigate...but there are some little goodies tucked away! :)

On the home page, see those cute little 5 pictures?!? Click on them to see what fun awaits! 

Once you click on a picture, it will take you to one of three galleries (more galleries to come)! The first two pictures take you to my engagement and weddings. The third picture will take you to my lifestyle sessions and the last two will take you to the weddings that I have assisted with Jennie Andrews Photography! It was sooo hard to choose which photos to use, which is why I'm excited to add more galleries in the future! 

The last little hidden bit is on the hello page! See those two boxes at the bottom? Click on those and they'll take you to some awesome questions that every bride, to-be-momma or anyone whose interested in a session probably think of from time to time! The box with the big "f" not only bids a nod to the f in Kayla F Photography, but it also sends you to my Facebook page so you can get the latests photos and updates!

And that just about sums it up! There might be more pages added in the future (maybe something on my interests other than photography, more galleries, and maybe even an intro video) so keep checking back to see any improvements. And if you run across something that seems a little bit finicky, shoot me an email at kayla@kaylafphotography.com and let me know! Don't be shy!

Oh! And I have to give a HUGE shout out to my "very very trusted photographer confidant"! Kristin of KLP Photography is awesome and amazing, and I might have completely lost it and thrown my computer out the window if it wasn't for her. She gave me ideas and helped me out when things were getting intense! Plus, make sure you check out her blog! She's GIVING AWAY an engagement session! You bet your little booty Robby and I are submitting our pic! 


  1. OMGOODNESS! You are too sweet to me Kayla! You deserve ALL the credit, you totally rocked it on this site! It is awesome!!! love u! :D

  2. I LOVE Show-It!!!! I'm so happy you invested in it. You won't regret it. Now I have to go check out your site - even though I know by the screenshots that it's gorgeous!! :)


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