"Change and Struggle go Hand in Hand"~J*


Last week, I had the extraordinary honor of heading up to Nashville with Kristin of KLP Photography to go see not only a photographer, but a mentor and an inspiration. When I saw that Jasmine Star was going to be in Nashville for something called "The FIX" I immediately shrieked, put a note in my calendar and impatiently waited for the day that tickets went on sale. I had no idea what she would be talking about or what The FIX even WAS! But I knew I had to be there. Since starting this crazy and intense ride of kick starting my photography career, I have always watched and listened to what J* has said. She worked her butt off and has always stayed humble and down to earth and that is something to be admired; especially today and especially in the photography industry. 

I'm not going to lie! I was absolutely star struck at first. I couldn't get over the fact that we were both wearing navy and white stripped shirts! Did this mean we were meant to be best friends forever? J*...you're friendship bracelet is in the mail! ;)
Once I had a glass of wine and mingled and met with other photographers, I finally calmed down and really started to get interested in who the other photographers that were there were! People came from near and far! I couldn't believe that everyone in that room was there for this one person. But not only that, they actually seemed to care about what I had to say (or it could have been the wine...when I get nervous I can't seem to shut up). I walked away from The Fix, not only with a new found feeling of accomplishment for what I've already achieved, but also with a gaggle of gals that I know I could shoot an email, or jump on a FB photography forum and ask a question and they would be there to lend a helping hand! That my friends is powerful!

I sat on what she said for close to a week. I didn't look at my notes, I just let it soak in. Once I finally sat down yesterday and looked over everything, I realized that I don't believe there could have been a better time for me to hear the words that she spoke. That she preached! Can I get an 'Amen'? ;)

So to Jasmine Star and The FIX I can only say 'Thank You'. Thank you for sharing, for teaching, for encouraging and for just being You! 


  1. Loved reading this! Love the look of your blog! Love everything!! What is the font of the cursive... I love it too. (imagine that)


  2. Great post, Kayla! You did have a great seat, huh?! Up close and personal. So glad we got to meet last night. You & Kristyn really encouraged me to look into branding. I love the look of your blog and showit site. Purple is my fave. :)

  3. awe fun :) Do you email notes :) he he he he! Glad you had fun. Jealous you Got to go to Nashville! Thanks for posting!

  4. Awesome post and photos! It was great meeting you!

  5. Thank you SO much for being there...and dressing like my TWIN! ;)

  6. Love this Kayla! You got some great photos...and uber jealous J* commented on your blog!!! :)


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