Planning the Big Day ~ All the Places Part 2


I hope you all had a fantastic week! Mine has been oh so fun as wedding season is starting to swing back in full gear and I've dove a little bit farther in to the wedding planning world! Its insane being on this side of the process! You just really don't realize everything that is involved in planning a wedding! Wowza!

Ok, so I am absolutely in love with this next venue I'm going to share (what am I saying...I love ALL of these venues)! :) But this one is super special. I've known about Maple Grove Inn for about 5-6 years now. An old friend told me about it once when I was so keen on having my own Bed & Breakfast (any other girl who watched Gilmore Girls also had this dream at some point in time). Well, she told me about a quaint little B&B right down the road and told me I should just go check it out. Well, I drove down the road and could not believe what I saw...perfection! Literally, the exact Bed & Breakfast that I had always wanted. I was sitting in the parking lot, working up the nerve to go inside and ask if they were hiring when a whole slew of cars started pouring into the parking went from 1 little Suzuki to about 25 cars in 35 seconds! So my nervous little butt hi-tailed it out of there. Needless to say, that amazing little B&B always stayed in the back of my head. Fast forward 5 or 6 years to last summer. Jennie tells me I am going to be shooting a bridal luncheon at none other than...Maple Grove Inn!!! You've got to be kidding me! I actually get to see the inside! Yay!!!

I immediately fell in love with the house. A little history recap, the house was built in 1799 (ummmm thats 100 years before the Biltmore) and is one of Knoxville's oldest homes! I felt like I had struck gold...I probably just walked around the house for a good 10-15 minutes just taking all the antiques and oldness in! It was like being transported back to my Gammy's house, but much bigger!

Anyway, when Robby and I started talking about venues, I immediately wanted to show him MGI. Went went guessed it, January, when it was bone freezing cold and walked around the outside of the home. Robby liked it...but I didn't want to get my hopes up. So we decided to make an appointment with Vicki and tour the house!

My favorite EVER!!! The driveway to the house is unbelievable...whether its winter or spring!

A week later (because I cannot contain my excitement) we went and toured the house. I was already hooked, but Robby fell in love immediately. Then, to top it off, Tom (the owner of the house) made Robby and I a cup of his own roasted coffee. Can I tell you how delicious this cup of coffee was?! I have never been able to drink black coffee, and I drank the ENTIRE cup, no problems! It was delicious!

Rob and I were excited, but didn't want to make any decisions until we saw all of the venues that were on our list (which weren't very'll see all of them). We bid adue to Vicki and Tom and went on our way. Because I didn't have my camera with me on our initial trip, Robby and I decided to go back and have a gander at what Maple Grove Inn would look like in the spring. These are those pictures. Isn't it beautiful?!?!?!?

So thats Maple Grove Inn! Its definitely different than Watermelon Moon Farms which you can see HERE! So what do you think of Maple Grove Inn??
Next week, will be our last venue...its of course historic and an amazing home here in Knoxville! I can't wait to share the yummy gorgeousness with you! :)

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