Planning the Big Day ~ All the Places Part 1


In light of what I will be doing later today, I thought it was a perfect day to discuss wedding venues!!!
I had a specific style of venue in mind and I couldn't waiver from that style. I wanted a plantation style home with loads and loads of charm. Something that wasn't too familiar in the wedding world (at least not here in East Tn) and something that made me feel comfortable. I know 100% my reasoning behind this and its because of my grandmother's house. I absolutely loved spending time at my grandmother's 1800's house that was originally a parsonage and later renovated to be a family home. This also goes along the lines of my love for the Biltmore! Vintage, antique, charm....these were all words that make me feel warm and fuzzy when I think about my wedding. 
If you read the previous Planning the Big Day blog that had loads of inspiration in it, then you may have already checked out our first venue that we visited! I ran across an AMAZING styled photo shoot on the Once Wed wedding blog and immediately fell in love with this quant little Lebanon, TN farm house. Oh, how the goats and chickens called to me. LIterally, I could imagine little goats and chickens running around and eating food that was fresh from the farm for our wedding. This place was perfect! But, if you know me at all, you know I love to research! Seriously, papers in college were my favorite thing because it meant I got to research! 
So off I went, emailing one of the owners of Watermelon Moon Farm, Emily. I might have given a muffled shriek of delight when she replied! ;) So Robby and I were off that following Saturday to Lebanon, TN to see what Watermelon Moon Farm had to offer! The only thing I never thought of was that would be the one weekend that we were threatening to have a snow storm...and what happened on the plateau?? Snow! Its was frigid outside, plus Robby came down with a mighty hefty version of the stomach bug. But, we braved the cold and pulled in to the adorable and delightful venue. (In my excitement of meeting Emily and seeing the house, I completely forgot to take a picture of the prettiest part...the FRONT! Forgive me, but you can always check out their website, it looks exactly the same!)
We were greated by a herd....literally! 

 We might have named one of them Billy (it was the obvious choice) because he was such a camera hog! 

The fantastic aspect of this venue is the freedom you have! Literally whatever ideas we had, Emily said they were 100% possible! Any caterer, any rental company, bands or DJ's could set up where ever they liked, etc! Now, it was January, and it was frigid, so we didn't get to see the farm in all its glory. There is a grape vine that grows behind the ceremony site and completely covers the fence (can you say magical?) and a butterfly herb garden. The area in the middle is surrounded by beautiful fresh flowers of all sorts (depending on the time of year) and vines that grow wild to make the venue a really fresh and organic feel. The porches are 100% yours and so is that most charming 2 bedroom and bath house in the back. 

(Look how old...the foundation is rocks! This is so my kind of place!)

And yes, the animals run wild, but Emily did say that she could tame the chickens and pheasants for the wedding and guests! :)

And last but not least, the ceremony site. This adorable old church window is situated at the back of the ceremony site and would be an adorable and picturesque backdrop! Even if you don't want the church window as the ceremony location, you can always opt to having the ceremony at another location on the property (Love the flexibility)!

After being outside for no more than 15 minutes, I couldn't feel my fingers, nose or ears. It was time to head back to the car. :( Emily and her husband were busy getting ready for the agricultural fair and we didn't want to keep them any longer than we already had so we decided to head to Nashville for some lunch. 
Watermelon Moon Farm is definitely a phenomenal location and I would love to go back and see it in full bloom! Plus, the pricing is unlike any venue in Knoxville, at least not like one with as much character and charm!!! 
Next week is a venue a little bit on the bigger side. Make sure to check back to see Maple Grove Inn

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  1. What a fantastic and unique venue! I wish I was getting married again (to the same guy, of course!). :) I would totally have picked something like this. I love all the animals. Wonderful. I can't wait to find out which venue you pick. :)


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