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Everything I know about photography I can pretty much say I have learned from one fantastic lady. This photographer took me under her wing and literally threw me into the crazy world of weddings.

I am asked ALL the time, "How did you get to work with her". All I can say is LUCK. My best friend Bekah met Jennie through a family member. Bekah talked about how she was interested in photography and Jennie said she was actually in need of an assistant because her cousin would be going off to school. Bekah, being the best friend that she is, told Jennie, "I'll only do it if my best friend Kayla can do it too." And thats how the magic happened ladies and gentlemen. ;)

2009 I shot my first wedding with Jennie. And let me just say, I was terrified. Absolutely, positively terrified! I barely knew anything about my small little camera and then when I got to the church, Jennie handed me her BIG camera. Eeek. I could have died. I had to ask her probably 10 times how to change the aperature.

Move forward 4 wedding seasons later, and I can genuinely say I have an amazing friend who just so happens to be the BEST wedding photographer in Knoxville (she's so awesome, she's shooting MY wedding). Just recently, I was having a get-together with some other photographers here in Knoxville and I had a question I absolutely NEEDED the answer to. I had no one else to ask so I just called Jennie. One of the photographers even said, "I can't believe you can just call Jennie Andrews and she'll answer the phone." I honestly had never thought about it like that before. It made me really think about her, what she's taught me and all she's done for me. She's lent me equipment, taught me how to edit, showed me what products she uses and loves, who to look to for advice and inspiration (hello Jose Villa) and even burnt me some awesome editing jam sessions. Not only is she amazing business/photography wise, but she and I have had HOURS of conversations on the way to and from weddings. I recently texted her and said, "this not seeing you on a Saturday basis is horrible." So before I begin a sob fest, I just wanted to give an little shout out to the girl I love, who taught me how to actually DO my passion and who has supported me the ENTIRE way.

Miss Jennie Andrews.


  1. Oh. My. Goddness. You know I don't cry! And yet... I'm practically a sobby mess. Love you and SO FREAKING PROUD of you!!!

  2. How amazing! I wish I had a mentor like this. You are super lucky and it's honestly rare now-a-days to find someone as giving as Jennie!! :) This post was super sweet and adorable!


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