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I am crazy thrilled to share this session with you all! Erica and I go WAY back...well, not really WAY (lets not age ourselves or anything) but we tended to hang out and "work together" during our Information Management courses at good ole University of Tennessee! I swear...I don't think I would have made it through those classes without Erica! Lol!! So when she got in contact with me about having her session here in Knoxville and wanting ME to shoot it, I just about died!!! I might have secretly been FB stalking Erica and when I saw she was engaged I might have done a fun little dance to celebrate for her! :) She's all the way out in Cordova, TN so I never in a 100 years would have thought I would get an email from her...but I most certainly did! Yay!!!!

Fast forward to Erica telling me that she and Jared would like to have their pictures at...dun dun dun...Neyland Stadium!!! SCORE!!! :huh, no pun intended on that one: I was elated, but nervous. You just never know with the stadium! Sometimes you can get in, sometimes, theres just no such luck. I won't give my source away (bc I don't want him to get in trouble), but my dad would be so proud of me by just walking up to someone and asking him to let us in. My heart raced, especially when he told me I only had 3-5 minutes...Whoa! Here is the magic that happened!! :D

Ok, so I'm happy I'm not the only one that was CRAZY excited!!!
 My FAV!!!!
Our 5 min was up FAST! But, we still had the rest of campus to tromp around on! I love this session so much! Erica and Jared were so awesome...and their puppers were pretty stinking cute too! 

Yes, that is a Rottweiler and a Dotson. Too funny, I know!

Ahhhh Erica & Jared! I know your wedding will be absolutely STUNNING and tons of fun!!!! I can't wait to see pictures! 
Kayla F

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