elijah 6 months {the clan}


This little boy seriously just lights up my day!!! I was SO excited when Sarah told me that she was thinking a little farm session for Elijah with a red wagon, hay bales, etc for his 6 month pictures! Seriously...how precious is that? Plus, anytime I get to spend with this family is always so relaxed and fun! They really are the sweetest family! :D

A little country boy in overalls just doesn't get much cuter than this!!!

This little guy is such a Dad's man!!! He just loves Jason so much! 

Love love love!!!!

I might have almost died when Sarah wanted to give him a "bath" outside!!! Ummm, yes please!! This was definitely my favorite shot from that series!!! Other sweet and adorable pictures were taken, but I don't want to give any more ammo to Sarah and Jason for Elijah's future wife by having his toosh on the internet! 

I ended on this picture with the session because Mr. Elijah has the stinking cutest face ever!!! He looks so shocked and surprise that his momma is planting a kiss on him! Just loved it!

There are sessions and people that just make my heart happy! This is one of those sessions and one of those families!!! Love you all so much!
Kayla F

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