To Changes and New Beginnings


 We. Are. Moving! :)

Wow! Its been well over a month since I have written a post, and it makes me sad. :( BUT! I have a very, very good reason!!! 

A few months ago, Rob and I got married and entered into eternal bliss (more about that later on my Planning the Big Day series). We honeymooned in Paris and honestly caught a bug. A moving abroad bug. Two years ago, we interviewed with some companies that had abroad opportunities, but things fell through. However, when we came back from Paris, Rob and I got the itch again! We knew that in our hearts, we wanted to travel and experience the world and everything it has to offer!

Let me just say, we fell in LOVE with Paris, France. Wow! Its one of the biggest cities in the World, but I couldn't imagine myself anywhere else. Me, born and raised right here in Knoxville, TN! I calculated it and I've only lived in a 15 square mile distance of the home I spent my wee beginnings in. Ummm...I call that LOCAL! :) But Paris had so much to offer and literally left me hungry for more. Bagettes, check. Cafe's, check. History older than you can honestly comprehend...check. When we came back home, Rob and I had an honest conversation with each other and realized that we wouldn't be content if we didn't experience more of what we already had.

:Insert interview process: Let me just say, I fell in love with and married a man of intense intelligence. He interviewed, he continued to interview, and he interviewed more than I can say I ever have. It came down to an opportunity that we just couldn't pass up. Mozilla. San Francisco, CA. Potential for Paris, FR in near future. Need I say more? Yes, I do. This is a job and a company my husband is in love with! The company's morals and ethics line up with not only his, but my viewpoints on our security as a nation and citizens of the United States, and they are a non-profit. Their foundations are great and I've enjoyed the small chances I've gotten to glimpse into their company culture. 

So what does this mean for our family and for Kayla F Photography?!? A lot! Rob is heading to San Francisco THIS Sunday...yes, tomorrow! He'll be in temporary housing and go apartment hunting once he gets in the city. We have decided to live in San Fran proper and hopefully find a place within walking/biking distance of Rob's work. I will continue to be here in Knoxville until September 24th. I have two weddings in September and then Rob gets to go to PARIS with Mozilla for a week, so I get to stay here and tie up all of our lose ends (hopefully there won't be many). Plus, with Diesel still recovering, we thought it best that I stay here with him so he can continue to get treatments from UT Vet and begin some intense physical therapy. Once I'm in SF, I'll be coming back quite a bit for weddings and a big fall mini session series (more on that in the coming week)! Plus, Rob will be able to work remotely, so we will be traveling fools. :) 

As much as I am sad to say farewell to East TN, I continue to go back and take words my stepdad said to me in the beginning of this journey. "Nothing is Forever." I have taken this in two different contexts. First, we won't be gone forever. We love East TN and especially Knoxville with all of our hearts! Our blood bleeds orange and we have spent the last few weeks really trying to experience all that we can. Whether its 3 years or 13 years (although I think our families would kill us if it was on the 13 year end), we will be back. Second, we don't have forever. If there was ever a time in our lives to make an adventure, now is the time. We are healthy, happy, and have freedom to take this journey. Why wouldn't we?!? 

I'll still be taking clients and still doing sessions, they will just be a little bit more limited than now (for obvious reasons). My weddings are absolutely not effected at all and my 2013 and 2014 clients have been absolutely amazing and so encouraging since I've shared the news with them. I honestly have some AMAZING clients!!!

I will be quiet for a couple of days while we continue to pack and clean the apartment, but then its going to get crazy. The list of blogs and editing I have is just insane!! Plus, I'll finally be able to write my series on our wedding!!! 

Kayla F

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