shayna & cody {the day} part 2

Thursday! In case you haven't taken a seen Part 1, you can check that out here!
I loved this wedding for so many reasons! Not only are Shayna and Cody the sweetest and just plain fun, but their wedding was SO laid back! Shayna wanted to only concentrate on her and Cody pre-ceremony! Having the bridal party and pictures right after the ceremony let us have PLENTY of time for the first look and bride and groom portraits. I almost want to suggest this to all of my couples! :)

And all the kiddos at the wedding were so cute!!! And Mr. Turtle...was totally the additional guest that didn't RSVP but just showed up! 

They're married!!!!! 
These next two images are two of my FAVORITE!!! There's something magical about black and makes me crazy happy! 

These may be the most emotional parent dance photos I've taken in a while! I just sat there crying behind my camera with everyone else!

Loved my second shooter Liz with Elizabeth Nord Photography!!! She was so amazing and a few of these images are her eye! :D

They're awesome impromptu sunflower seed exit!! Seriously, how cute are they!?
Shayna and Cody!!! You know how much I just love you two and your wedding day!!! It was the perfect brunch wedding and everything you wanted!!! So happy you asked me to share it with you and your amazing friends and family! 
Kayla F

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