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Reason #1 why I love my job...the reason it is my passion; couples like this. When I walk away from a wedding and know that I won't be in constant contact with my couples makes me sad...but then there are times when I know we will remain friends for years to come! Jackie and Justin are one of those couples. I fell in LOVE with Jackie when we first met. She's bubbly, organized, FUN and just flat out AWEsome! 

I swear, there were 4 people at our first meeting. Jackie, Justin, myself and Jackie's binder! Lol! She had it ALL planned out. She knew exactly what she wanted and I was SO on board with her vision! Now, if you think of yourself as crafty, I suggest you don't go any further in this post. Jackie made me look at my crafting skills and laugh. She absolutely BLEW me away with the amount of time and energy she put into every single detail of their wedding! She constructed ALL of the paper flowers, collected all the glasses, bottles and amazing little vintage finds, screen printed all of the blocks of wood...I could continue, but I've already used up my word quota. ;) 

A fun tid bit about Justin and Jackie. They are HUGE baseball fans. More specifically, fans of the Atlanta Braves (what Southern girl wouldn't be?!)! They wanted their reception to have fun element to it, lots of dancing, celebrating and good times. From "concession food" catered by All Occassion Catering, to having the BEST DJ in town (Mr. Jim Ogle of Ogle Entertainment and Light Design), Jackie and Justin knew how to make the night perfect! I'm so incredibly honored to have been a part of their big day and to have gained a GREAT couple in my life! :D

 I recently posted a question to Facebook, asking what your favorite part of the wedding day is. I had a photography peer, Jayson, respond with "My favorite part of the wedding day... as a photographer, is when you first see the signs of nerves or realization from the bride or groom. A bride will be all smiles and excited all day getting her hair and make up done, but there is always a point, and normally I am there, that she gets that look in her eyes. It's like she has all the sudden realized how big this moment is. I love that moment." This ladies and gentlemen, was that moment.

Another reason why I LOVE Jackie. It poured...more accurately thunderstormed, the entire day of her wedding! August + rain + the south (read humidity) = miserable weather. But Jackie put a smile on and didn't think twice about it! Photos were taken inside the Atrium at Cherokee Mills. I believe because of her amazing attitude, the clouds departed for their ceremony and it was held outside under a gorgeous tent backed with orange and pink streamers. Talk about karma! :D


I absolutely LOVED going back and visiting this wedding! Jackie and Justin, I hope your first year of marriage is magical and I am waiting to hear when you guys are going to come visit us in SF!!! I see a Giants vs Braves game in our future! :D
Kayla F

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