Rebrand, or what I like to call "Revamp"


French, Handmade, Modern/Fresh. These are the three words I want my brand to embody. Let's just say that when I decided to start off on this endeavor with Kate Moore of Kate Moore Creative (seriously...check her out), I knew I wanted to blend my love of many places; Paris, San Francisco, with a touch of home. Although I LOVE what Kate did for me 3 years ago (wow...its been 3 years) I knew I needed a more grown up and sophisticated look for the direction I want to take my photography and business.

You can see more of my "Revamp" Inspiration Board here!

Here are some images that I feel like express that direction that my photography is growing towards and that represent the moments I want to capture! 

 I hope you all are as excited as I am about this new adventure that Kayla F Photography is taking and will continue to support and share my passion with others! Love you ALL and thank you so much for your amazing encouragement!!! 
Kayla F

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