kimmy & kassa | san francisco engagement


I know I say this with every.single couple, but its always true! I just absolutely fell IN LOVE with Kimmy & Kassa! They are two of the most in love and down to earth people I have ever met! They have amazing stories and their lives just so happened to collide into each other thousands of miles from home.

Kimmy is originally from Hong Kong and came to the States to attend college while Kassa is from Ethiopia and did the same. They both landed in the Bay Area to attend Stanford for their Ph.D.'s in Physics. Lets just say...they are smarties! :D I was instantly drawn to their connection with each other. They finish each others' sentences, they love to constantly touch each other and boast about each others' accomplishments. They genuinely are excited to be around each other and I am so so so excited that I get to document their big day in October in Palo Alto, Ca. Its going to be an amazing day!

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