Floral Inspired Engagement Session


There comes a time when it feels amazing to walk in a field barefoot, wear a flower crown and sit amongst candle lit mason jars with your soon-to-be. This was the vision I had for a couple of months of a beautiful couple, in the wilderness snuggled around each other with flowers everywhere! Flowers are always such a large part of the wedding day, and looking back on mine, carrying my bouquet was one of my favorite parts of the day…it was just beautiful and made ME feel beautiful! So why only be surrounded by stunning florals on your wedding day…why not in your engagement session too? I reached out to my wonderful florist, Sassafras Flowers in Knoxville, TN that created my wedding day florals and asked her to be a part of this romantic vision I had.

From Allie at Sassafras:
“I was thrilled with the opportunity to collaborate with Kayla F Photography on this shoot. She gave me very loose parameters, which allowed for wide-open interpretation.  I knew the shoot was going to involve wooded areas, open fields, and little to no manmade structure.  I wanted to create pieces that complimented the beauty of nature instead of competing with it.  The garland and floral crown were inspired by the dark, thick areas of the forest: an abundance of foliage in varying shades and textures with sparsely placed accent flowers.  I wanted the lush greenery and florals to look "at home" in the setting of the shoot.”

Allie capture my vision perfectly and created a stunning floral swag, flower crown, bouquet and small accent pieces. She blew me away with how she took my small vision and brought it to life! I collaborated with Restoration Rentals in need of a small piece of furniture to make the shoot feel more “homey”. The vintage headboard was the perfect accent to set the scene without taking away from the beauty of our location!

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