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Sometimes, when you meet and fall in love with a couple (yes, I fall in love with my clients), you completely understand why the universe brought you together. Ben and Diana are so incredibly smitten with each other that when you are around them, you feel every ounce of it! They remind me incredible amounts of Robby and I, which only leads me to loving them even more! We also had beers and burgers after their session...I mean...really!?

It has been such a fun planning process with Diana and Ben, talking about their wedding day as well as thinking of ideas for their engagement session! When Diana told me that she would love to have their session at Ben's parents' house in Hixson, TN I was SO excited! There is something special about having a session where there is a strong connection. Ben's mom was so incredibly sweet, bringing quilts and blankets for us to sit on (it was a little soggy) and asking if anything needed to be clipped or cleaned up; I adore strong knit families and both B&D have them!

Ben is also a musician. Music has always played a large factor in their relationship so when I brought up the idea of having his mandolin they were SO up for it. It also gave us the chance to hear Ben sing to Diana...lets just say I couldn't stop smiling behind the camera! I asked Diana for a favorite song for their blog post...something I don't normally do (like ever), but it feels perfect for them! She sent me three songs and this one just STUCK with me. So THEM. I got chillies listening to it while writing this!

"There are way too many love songs, and I think they've got it all wrong.. Life is not the mountain tops, its the walking in between and I like you walking next to me." - Ben Rector,  "I Like You".

"Love is friendship set to music." - Jackson Pollock
Kayla F


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