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This last year here in San Francisco has been a whirlwind! Rob and I have just celebrated being in the City for a year, and a lot of reflecting has happened. Moving across the country to one of the biggest cities in the world and where you know not one soul is daunting to say the least. On top of everything that we have gone through this last year, Rob and I had made the decision that I would put 100% of my focus on my photography business and not look for a full time "regular" job. Its been a LONG process. There have been nights where Rob has had to pick me up off the floor, told me to cheer up and stop being so glum. I've reached out to those in my amazing photography community back in TN and have received some of the most encouraging and uplifting messages. I'm truly one of the luckiest girls! With a some hard work, and putting myself out there (and feeling very vulnerable) I have slowly built an incredible network of photographers out here in the Bay Area that I can genuinely call friends! They have offered amazing advice, shared secrets and referrals, and given me SO much support over the last year! It's honestly wonderful to be a part of such a caring network! Ladies, you know who you are.

Through this network comes opportunities that I never would have known existed before. I've always felt very confident in saying I was a "Wedding and Lifestyle" photographer (and that is where my heart still and will always lie), but spicing things up every now and then is good for the creative soul. An opportunity arose for a very last minute project. At first, it didn't seem feasible, but after some work with Wine & Spirits Magazine, I was off on a 3 night adventure photographing 9 amazing restaurant & bars for their 2014 New & Notable feature in SF. Below are some shots I grabbed (with the used images noted) as well as the spreads of the feature.

It's honestly a completely different feeling to see your work in print. Photos are meant to be printed, shared and touched, so to know that these images will be in the homes, apartments and lofts of thousands of people is pretty crazy! It may not be my usual cup of tea...but man, oh man, I'm loving the taste of this! :)

 *San Francisco-based freelance photographer Kayla Fletcher shot our New & Notable Restaurants and Bars. The Tennessee native specializes in restaurant photography, enjoying it most when it ties in with hops or vines. *

*Selected image for ABV

*Selected image for Dirty Habit

 *Image selected for Kin Khao

 *Image selected for La Nebbia

 *Image selected for Stones Throw (super yummy food!!!)


 *Image selected for TBD

*Image selected for Tosca Cafe

* Image used for Trou Normand

*Image used for Verbana

Wine & Spirits spread for ABV, Dirty Habit, and Trou Normand

Wine & Spirits spread for Verbana, Stones Throw and TBD

Wine & Spirits spread for Kin Khao

One final and rather *mushy* note. I honestly don't know what I would have done over this last year without Rob. He is my biggest cheerleader, my biggest support, and believes in me more than I do at times. He constantly challenges me, boasts about me, and is constantly dreaming of new adventures for my business with me. I wouldn't have done any of this without him right by my side.  We are The Fletchers in Fog City.


  1. Must of been so much fun going to all these hot spots! Looks awesome.

  2. I know this was work but it looks like tons of fun. Glad you guys are loving SF and you are already making yourself known there. Amazing and wonderful. Congratulations.


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