One thing I have come to learn from being a photographer is kids will be kids. I have photographed the Ganancials for (oh my) almost 5 years and not only are they clients, but they are incredible friends! That is one thing I LOVE about my job...my clients really and truly become treasured friends. Well, Sebby was having a "I don't want to be photographed" day. So while I tried my darndest to grab some great family shots, we decided to let Sebby be Sebby. And man oh man, did he end up shining!!! His smile is soooo awesome and when he says "Kaya" I just melt!

Ps. Does this little spot in TN not just make you swoon?!?! It's one of my all time favorites because the colors are always to brilliant, the path is always nice and clear and the area is so intimate. I miss these little nooks and paths!

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