Foothills Park Engagement | Palo Alto


Christy and Matt are two of the sweetest, most genuine people I have met here in CA! They are long time friends of my FIRST clients here in CA, Kimmy & I knew they would be awesome! Christy is bubbly and vivacious and we were instantly chatting and having a great time together! Matt is a lot more quiet but he is the perfect counter balance to Christy, and they fit together (in personality and physically) so perfectly. Being close, playful and sweet with each other was so easy for them and they were willing to do anything I asked! I love when my clients completely trust me! We drove through the Foothills Park in Palo Alto since it was a the first hike Matt and Christy went on so the park had some lovely memories and significance to them. I adore magical spaces like this...a place that means so much to my clients and also provides an incredible backdrop for their session.

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