Livermore Rainy Day Wedding | Liz & Chris Married


Liz & Chris were the epitome of cool, calm and collected on their big day. It had been raining for dayssss in the Bay Area and their January 7th big day was looking to be filled with just as much rain as the days preceding it. But that didn't stop us from going with the flow and playing the rain plan by ear.

That morning, I showed up to Liz's mother's house and found Liz surrounded by her bridesmaids and family. It was a nice and calm morning, with the girls putting on their final touches and surrounding Liz has her mom helped her into her absolutely stunning Essense of Australia wedding dress and Twigs & Honey accessories.

Chris & Liz's first look was so beautiful and sweet. Not only was Chris incredibly doting on Elizabeth by fixing her necklace and pushing her glasses back up on her nose, but their family was able to sneakily watch on while keeping the first look feeling private and intimate. We dodged some sprinkles during the wedding party and family photos, but the sun would peak out from behind clouds to create the most magical little rainbows. And as they say "There is nothing stronger than a knot tied wet."

Thank you SO much Liz & Chris for having me be a part of your magical day! Cheers to a life full of love, adventure and happiness, because, "A Life Without Love is No Life At All"!

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