San Francisco City Hall Elopement | Jena & Will


I pinched myself, I kid you not. Working with Jena and Will has quite frankly been one of the BEST experiences of my career. I was reconsidering shooting elopements before these two came along. I love having genuine, deep connections with my clients because it helps me tell their story and reads so true in their images. But something just hadn't been clicking with my past elopements (no pun intended).  But J+W turned that tide for me and I'm so lucky they came along!

The day started out a tiny bit shaky as Jena left her photo ID at home (luckily...not back in Sacramento, just at the SF rental house). Luckily, J+W decided to have 11 of their closest family members be a part of their intimate day, so Jena's brother-in-law was able to save the day. Although there was that slight bump, I cannot begin to tell you how smoothly every single moment went thereafter. There was little to no standing in line, our judge was in the best of moods and even allowed Jena & Will to say their own vows and for Jena's father to walk her into the rotunda. Their families were huddled around them, hugging each other and wiping away tears non-stop. You know it was a beautifully moving ceremony when our judge turned to Will after their I Do's and kiss, congratulated them and said she was impressed & overwhelmed. It was so special to be a part of.

Once we finished with family photos, I stayed with J+W for a few minutes in City Hall to take some of those iconic images. It was a quiet day as the building started closing down for a private event, so we really had the entire place to ourselves. It was magical! Once we started heading out to go explore Godfrey Battery, I noted how more people than usual had been telling them congratulations - as I was saying this, we were honked at by passerbys and firefighters across the street. At first we were worried that we were walking when we were supposed to be, but quickly realized that everyone was simply sending them well wishes.

Godfrey Battery was its typical chilly, windy self, but was incredibly worth it. I love when clients have every ounce of faith in just makes these images so much sweeter.

I hopped over to Tosca to grab a couple of snaps of Jena & Will enjoying their small reception with their families. I loved being able to capture these last moments because it made their day feel complete.

To Jena &  Will, 
Words can't begin to tell you (even though I've think I've tried many times) how much I sincerely enjoyed spending the day with you two! I love that you chose San Francisco as the backdrop for your beginning together and that you asked me to be there to capture all those beautiful memories! Cheers to the sweetest of beginnings! 
Kayla F

Ceremony Venue: San Francisco City Hall | Bouquet & Boutioneer: Amspersand SF | Dress: Sawyer Gown by BHLDN | Jacket: Zara | Hair & Makeup: Bride | Reception Venue: Tosca

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