Private Winery Engagement | Danielle & Justin


Danielle & Justin have such an Americana fairy tale! I immediately fell in love with Danielle and her "no nonsense" attitude when we first chatted on the phone and was so happy meeting Justin for their engagement session. He compliments her beautifully - they just work. Have you ever been around a couple and you thought to yourself, "they are perfect for each other. This is a no brainer"? That is exactly how I feel about these two.

The wine industry is a large part of D+J's relationship and families; because it is such a fixture in their lives, we decided to have their engagement session on one of the smaller family vineyards up in Healdsburg. I cannot begin to tell you how much I fell in love with this location. It just oozes family, warmth, & coziness; from the small bungalow to the beautiful big white barn all the way up to the views that stretch for miles. I was in awe!

I love when clients pull special and meaningful locations into their engagement sessions. It always makes the session feel more intimate, authentic and comfortable. When a session has a unique location that already has all these past experiences with the couple, it allows the couple to shine. Can you tell I fell madly in love with this farm? ;)

Danielle & Justin are tying the knot this weekend and I'm so excited to be a part of their special day! Given Danielle's style, I think I'm most looking forward to seeing her in her dress. I know its going to be a show stopper. And Justin in his suit...eek! I swear I get just as excited as guests!

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