Shibori Berkeley Brewery Wedding | Brit & Alex Married


Brit & Alex's day was a day that was literally filled to the brim with life & love. It absolutely takes the cake for the most tears that were happy, wishful, and heartfelt that I've ever experienced during a wedding. The laughter that echoed throughout that brewery was what you would expect from any brewery on a Saturday night, however, the fact that it was filled with 180 of the closest friends and family - people who were intertwined in every aspect of each others' lives - that is when you knew you were a part of something so incredibly magical. So many hands came together to make this day exactly what it was: beautiful, heartfelt, fun, refreshing, and filled with the most immense amount of love.

Alex had some of the most wise words in his vows. He promised to never become complacent and to always strive to continue working on himself and on Brit so they would continue their journeys together. Never have I seen such wisdom in vows; such reflection on the future that delves beyond how many newlyweds think of marriage. To see that these two went into this day with so much appreciation for what it symbolizes, literally the first day of the rest of their lives, was so incredible and inspiring to be a part of.

The words that were spoken that day from B+A's closest friends and family were some of the most heartfelt and genuine words I've heard. Hearing that Brit used to practice her mother's recipes to make for Alex; to hear how Alex continues to make Brit adventurous, but how Brit isn't scared to bring him back down to Earth...just a bit; to hear how friends are passing on the strength of these two in the simple notion of a handhold; or how Alex's father sweetly summed up how B+A's union is very similar to making a sour beer - every word was thought out, crafted and heartfelt. 

The love that was present on this day is so evident in the images below. I've never before taken SO many images of speeches and the reception, but that is what this day was about. Friends and family and the memories that are made when we come together. I hope you all adore these as much as I do! 

Alex surprised Brit with a custom built surfboard as her wedding present! It was such a sweet and sneaky gift as Brit knew that Alex was getting a custom surfboard, but had no idea he was having one made for her as well!!
Quite frankly the most emotion filled entrance I've ever experienced in my 8 years of photographing weddings! All the guests were synchronously clapping as Brit walked in and down the aisle with her two brothers on her arms. Walking down the aisle is always such a beautiful and overwhelming moment and I can only imagine the pure exhilaration Brit experienced!!! My heart is racing just thinking about it again!
A traditional game of paper, rock, scissors is of course the deciding factor in who gets to say their vows first! I loved this surprise moment in B&A's ceremony; its just another way they made the ceremony uniquely them!
Someone might have hesitated in saying "I Do" because she thought there was more to say...everyone just about died from laughter!

To Brit & Alex,
Thank YOU for believing in me and bestowing the amazing opportunity to be a part of your day! There are no words for how honored I feel to have been able to capture these memories for you!
Kayla F

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  1. Photographed BEAUTIFULLY!!! Thank you, so much!!!!!! You captured so many special moments. You can feel the emotion. I love how you included a bit of a storyline. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!!

  2. Kayla, Honestly the most amazing wedding photos I've ever seen. I would tell you which is my favorite but I kept changing my mind because they are all perfect. I have to say the one of them dancing toward the end and the ones at the very end are just stunning ! Beautiful wedding and beautiful photos ! Lisa

  3. I wish I could have been there. Your photography captures the love these two wonderful young people have for one another. Just amazing what fantastic memories these photos have captured.


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