Little Man Lucas


This little guy, Lucas, and his parents are some of my absolute FAVS!!! When Ashley shot me a message saying she wanted some pictures of Little Man Lucas for his 6 months, I thought to myself "Its about TIME!!!" LOL! I did Ashley and Steven's Bump Photos back in October and have been itching to meet Lucas ever since I saw those big blue eyes on Facebook! So Ashley, Steven, Lucas and I hit up Concord Park for a little fun in the shade! Let me just say that I have yet to meet a baby that wasn't happy!! I don't know what it is about a camera, but they just light up! Lucas probably takes the cake when it comes to big boy smiles and insane fits of giggles!  

Seriously, little old man New Balances! I wanted to stick these in my bag so bad and make off with them!

 I just absolutely love this image...especially in B&W. I don't know what it is...but its so calming.

Lucas and his Momma...seriously, he was such a ham! It also helped that he is completely enamored with his Daddy and Steven did a great job keeping him entertained!!! 

I LOVE when a dad plays with his kiddo!!! 

I'm heading up to VA this weekend for a fun family birthday party and a 1 year session!!! So excited to see the family and finally chill out (or semi chill-out) for a weekend! Make sure to head back on Monday for an amazing engagement session that I had out in a little park in Oak Ridge! :)

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