The Question: Erin and Tommy


I had the awesome opportunity to photograph Erin and Tommy in June out in Oak Ridge. Not only did I get to play around in the UT Arboretum out in Oak Ridge but I got a guy who tends to be on the serious side to laugh and actually enjoy himself! Mission Accomplished!! ;)

Erin is currently a Grad student down in Georgia and Tommy is a computer programmer...I know...they are smarty pants! But believe it or not, I actually had a LOT to talk with Tommy about! Yay! Since Robby is a software engineer and I was in the IT recruiting world for a short while, I know the buzz words, and it actually holds some interest to me. So off we went, traipsing through the forest, taking pics and talking computer talk. I hope you guys enjoy this super fun and relax engagement shoot! Erin and Tommy, I hope you guys have the BEST wedding out Cumberland Mtn!!!

Seriously?? How about this ring? I love something that goes above and beyond the traditional engagement ring! Erin said she didn't want a diamond...and Tommy listened and did a GREAT job!!

When I asked Tommy to tickle Erin...he was more than happy to do so! Adorable!!!

So stinking cute!! 

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