The Day: Tiffany and Fran


I have been waiting and waiting to share this awesome couple's beautiful wedding from the Bleak House! Tiffany and Fran are Awesome (yes, with a capital A)! I seriously couldn't ask for a better bride and groom to start off my 2012 season! Tiffany was referred to be by another amazing photographer and Tiffany and I have come to the conclusion that it was meant to be! We seriously have SO much in common that I'm pretty sad that I've handed over her more emails, phone calls or fun lunches! :( 
So on to their amazing wedding! Tiffany was going for an easy going, vintage/20's vibe. She nailed it. Everything fit with her vision and she even had some people dress the part! ;)

Here is Fran and Tiffany's big day! 

I was in love with Tiffany's jewelry! Her chandelier ear rings were a thrift store find and her beautiful blue ring was from her mother. 

Major love for my second shooter Anjelica for capturing this gem!! 

Tiffany, seriously?? You are absolutely stunning!

Tiffany and Fran opted for a first look and I couldn't have been happier! Their main focus for their wedding was to have a good time with their friends and family, so they didn't want to have to take pictures after the ceremony...first looks are my favorite part of the day! Both the bride and groom are so excited, nervous, happy to see their soon-to-be and you just can't match that intimacy. Love that Anjelica was able to capture the shot of Fran seeing Tiffany. Love!!!

 LOVE how Fran looks at her!

Fran was such a trooper...and even gave me the best smile EVER!!! 

 Yes...we did a mafia picture with the gents. ;)

Once guests started to arrive, Tiffany and Fran went inside to cool down and get ready for the ceremony. I got to go have fun and get all the yummy details!

I love the Bleak House and the backdrop for the ceremony!!! 

Tiffany's brother, Jason, is in a band...oh yea! And that band just so happens to be the Humanaires! Lets just say, they gave me their CD and I have been listening to it non-stop for a month...seriously. I love them!!! 

Ava and Camden= the coolest and CUTEST flower girl and ring bearer ever! Seriously, they were attached at the hip all night and were soooo sweet with each other!

I can't take how cute they are!!!

My FAVorite first dance pictures EVER! Seriously??? 

Tiffany and Fran, I cannot thank you both enough! I hope DC treats you amazingly and when you come back in know my number! <3
Kayla F


  1. Your photos are really beautiful! Such a happy couple. :)

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  3. You captured the beauty and spirit of the happy couple and their beautiful wedding. What beautiful photos to have of such a special day.
    D. Bow


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