The Day: Suzy and Bob


Where do I start off with this couple? Could it be that Suzy won my heart when she said she was wearing her mother's dress? Or that they were having a very casual, laid back summer wedding? Or that they wanted Louis' restaurant to cater their rehearsal dinner (which sadly wasn't able to happen), or that Suzy herself was planning her wedding in 4 (yes, you heard me FOUR) months?? Lets just say it was all these things plus SO much more! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed being at this wedding! Suzy and Bob were the absolute sweetest! I know I say this about pretty much all of my couples, and its true! I have the BEST couples ever! :D

I'm not going to do much talking in this post...because it would be long...very long and its already going to be a long one with just the pictures!!! ;) I hope you LOVE it and come back later this week for a modge podge of little kiddo sessions! 

Do you not just LOVE this adorable church?? Its right near the water in Maryville! LOVE it! 

LOVE that Suzy wore her mama's wedding dress!!! Makes my heart sing!

Something Old, something new, something borrowed and a few things blue and literally, and a silver sixpence in her shoe! :)

An adorable necklace that Suzy's sisters got her on her Big Day! How fitting!

 I love this couple for SO many reasons...exhibit #250, they chose to do a first look! ;) 

 P.S...look how Suzy and Bob held each other through the entire ceremony! Swoon!!!!

Suzy and Bob now live out in Maryville, right on the water! What a better way to enter your wedding than on a boat?!?!? 

It is obvious that this wedding cake was de-lic-ious!!!

And you know I love a good wedding with some fishing opportunities! And so did Suzy's dad! 

Suzy and Bob! I seriously cannot begin to tell you how much I needed your wedding in my life to make me love what I do and realize why I do it! You and your family and friends were wonderful!!! So happy to see you both together and so incredibly happy you chose ME to be there to capture it all!!! 
Kayla F

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