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Let me just say. This shoot was such an honor to shoot! I know that sounds odd, but Kristin and I are photog pals! :D Anytime one photographer asks another to take their picture, I just feel like it is SUCH a honor and I am truly humbled that Casey and Kristin asked me to take the FIRST pictures of them since their wedding in 2009 (of course, shot by Jennie Andrews)! Kristin is the amazing talent behind KLP Photography (if you go to her website, you will fall in love with her) and her hubs is one part of the awesome duo Nicholas and Keaton!!! 

So when Kristin asked me to take these pictures for her, I immediately had butterflies. And not just any butterflies..major monster butterflies! Luckily, Kristin and I are such great friends that it was SO relaxing and Casey kept us laughing throughout the whole session!!! I just LOVE when a couple is so real with each other, kisses each other, touches...plays! It makes sessions amazing!! Here's what I'm talking about! 

LOVE this photo!!!!

 Loved these FUN photos for Casey's big 3-0 bday!!! 
 Merry Christmas everyone!!!! I think this is cover photo worthy! ;)


  1. These are amazing Kayla! Kristin and guys are awesome! Love all of you!

  2. Love, love, LOVE the red blanket pics!!!!

  3. THANK YOU KAYLA! I love them all! We are so blessed to have you as a photographer!!! xoxo


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