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So as you are reading this, I am on my way to Nashville for an awesome photography workshop help by two AMAZING industry professionals!!! I hope to come back with a fire under my tush to accomplish my 2013 goals (which I will share in a later post) and take this whole photography "thing" to another level. Its my passion and why shouldn't I be happy and do this as much and as BIG as I can?!? So, more with that later! Now onto the awesome stuff...

This may be one of my favorite sessions and clients (I know I know...I say this every time, but my clients ROCK my socks off)!! When I received Sarah's email I might have done a little happy dance at my computer!!! I had been FB and Pinterest stalking Sarah since her wedding that I shot with Jennie Andrews all the way back in 2010!!! I was just absolutely BLOWN away that she would ask me to do her newborn session!! So baby watch began...and ended rather soon! Before I knew it, I was sending an email just checking in and Elijah had been born the day before (so maybe my stalking skills are not up to par). Since it was December and chilly (or freezing) we decided to do the session at home! I love love LOVE home sessions! Especially newborn home sessions. Everyone is comfy, everything that baby needs is right there, and if you are to ever have pictures taken in your home, it should be with a new addition to the family! Eeek! Be prepared to Oohhhh and Aaaahhhh! I know I did countless times while taking these pictures, editing them and then again when choosing which ones to blog! :D

I came in to a sleepy baby (which is my favorite) and he was just soooo stinking cute! I soon found that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and Elijah definitely takes after his Dad, Jason in height! He's SOOO long!!!! 

Look at those cheeks! 

 I think babies with one sock is mandatory. Two socks is not cute, one sock...PERFECT! 

 Omgsh...just melts my heart how Jason looks at Elijah!!! 

 Sarah is little miss crafty! She not only made these adorable letters, but she also showed me all kinds of other adorable a growth chart that goes all the way up to 7ft! Lol!!! Hey, you never with this kiddos' genes! 
 LOVE all the orange details!!! The awesome mobile is from Africa when Sarah went and did mission work last year and the type writer is a present from a friend. LOVE details in a nursery!!!!

 Ok, maybe this one is my favorite...I seriously just can't get over it!

Seriously, seriously?!?! No, this one is my fav of the day! :D 

Sarah, Jason and of course Elijah, thank you SO much for inviting me into your "temporary" home and taking these images of Elijah! I hope you cherish them and I can't wait to see you soon! 6 months will be here before you know it! :D
Kayla F

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